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Asbjorn Torvol- For whatever reason, you are my favorite magician here on BALG (or maybe tied with E.A…sort of a toss up). But your last podcast with E.A. made me take a step back from whether or not I would ever want to pursue the specific path that you are on (although I still can learn a TON from you regardless). To be specific, I’m only interested in magick that can help me obtain material prosperity and the mastery of manipulating people and events for my material happiness. I have very little interest in obtaining anything else in life (including knowledge). What would be a more suitable path for me given those goals? Right now the main “magick” I practice is meditation and the Law of Attraction (both sporadically). Although if you follow my posts you will see that I have had some pretty good success in having future events foretold to me. I just have had virtually no success bringing anything substantial into my life. What are your thoughts?


Hey man literally just seen this now.

Thank you for the kind words.

I would look into simply necessity magick. Look at the psychological model of magick and how to work manifesting without the use of gods. Law of Attraction but on a vastly deeper level.

Id recommend Bob Proctors channel and books, he does some great stuff on this.

Stay True & Stay Awesome Bro

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