Practical Shapeshifting

The reason I had been talking about all parts of the body in previous posts was to show this thread. It will go through things you will need to do to perform a physical shapeshift. This was not told to me from anything but common sense.

Nothing at all, but if you have done any of these practices (shown below through the guide) and totally mastered them, you won’t need to worry.

It will be split into three groups: one who is busy with life, people who could go a little hard, and one for the absolute dedicated.


We need to absolutely master the basics.

You must be able to visualize for up to 1 hour and up to 12 hours if possible.

You must be able to sit in meditation for 1 and gradually 12 hours.

You must be able to astral project throughout the entire night and astral project at will.

It is crucial to master the mind and one pointed-ness

Basic practices: Trataka: Candle Gazing.

How to: It is best to use a Candle for this practice (hence the name).
Make sure you are in a pitch black room.

  1. light the candle
  2. stare at the tip of the flame and make sure you do it comfortably and to your limits. Do not overdo it.
  3. Once you can’t stare anymore, close your eyes. When you are closing your eyes, you will see the afterimage of the candle. Keep it in the middle for as long as you can.

At first, you won’t be able to keep at it. You actually won’t even be able to keep it in the middle because you’re untrained and when you close your eyes, they tend to move without your conscious effort.

Keep practicing this skill until you can keep the afterimage of the candle within your sight for as little as 30 minutes and in the middle of your point of site.

It greatly trains your eyes, visualization skills, willpower, and one pointed-ness; vital to shapeshifting.

It will take as much as 2 months for the dedicated, but the dedicated should strive for 1 hour and up to 6 hours.

It will take between 4-8 months for the basic and moderate.

Meditation: Learn to sit in one spot for 4 hours.

At first you will become tired because you cannot sit still. This is a vital skill to learn before you learn meditation because it would help you feel more comfortable when you actually do tend to the mental parts.

It will take a month for dedicated and it could also take a month for others too.

The posture would be the skeleton pose.

Astral projection

A prerequisite to astral projection would be first to learn energy work. This allows you to project yourself out of body with more energy, allowing you to stay lucid and out longer.

I recommend NEW energy ways by Robert Bruce ( for starters. You will eventually learn on and on, new techniques for harvesting more energy.

Another great prerequisite is to have a dream journal. It will allow you to remember more during out of body experiences by keeping it a priority to remember those things that have happened.

How to astral project:

I’m recommending one method. It’s called the rope method. Note that this method would be more useful if you followed everything step by step so far. Meditation will get you far.

  1. Set an alarm for a time around 3-4am.
  2. Once you wake up, do something for 30 minutes.
  3. Once you have been awake 30 minutes, go back to your bed and lay there. You should be in a pre-dream state.
  4. Keep yourself focused. Once you’re about to lose consciousness, visualize a rope coming out of your body. With your astral body, pull yourself out of your physical body. (The skill is called tactile awareness). Learn to pull out and you will be out.

Slowly, go back into your body and write about your experience in an astral journal. Do this every night and gradually stay out of your body for longer periods of time till you can stay conscious.

Learn to astral project straight out of meditation.

All of this should take you between 1-3 years to complete.

These are the bare minimums needed to take on intermediate training.

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Have you been practicing this so far?

I have not done a shapeshift, though it’s exactly how it will work out.

Can you site source for your “common sense” or is this sense not of the common variety but intuitive? And are you within a place from where you might share progress? Or is this essay a scroll for naught?

Seems like a whole lot of conjecture and guess work based on (?). Were you typing just to type? Is this a work for further review? I trouble myself to see through a thin film which resides over the text. Something that directs me to a fog. Is it Doubt? Is it Deceit? I know not may fogs so please I ask you to enlighten me.

Could it be you’re inventive through a prototype? I would hazard suggest if this be the case. A disclaimer mark your work.

I don’t know what the hell you just said. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but you used a lot of big words.

I’m typing this as an actual way. Based on experiments, I know that this is one possible way to achieve it, though what I wrote here are only the basics. There is still another couple pages to type before i’m done.