Practical purposes

I was wondering, what purposes could you use ‘lesser’ abilities or magical talents for?

by this I mean, how would you incorporate magic into your everyday life, not as a ritual used to create your own kingdom or whatever you intend to do

being a stage or street magician and a healer are some I can think of but I’m not talking simply a side job or performance, although it’s not something to push away.

Here are something I thought up. now I’m working on seeing auras, and intent can be seen in the aura, or so I’m told, Imagine going to a poker table, looking at people’s auras, seeing when they are bluffing or actually have a good hand.

or looking into the akasic records for knowledge to come up with a invention or improve a natural talent you possess to be put to great use

Now I know that getting “lucky” at cards seems meh or w/e but to me it seems like a building block into “godhood”

me myself, I work 7 days a week 10 hours a day. clearly slowing down my practice ALOT. I’m even too tired to focus on doing my aura sight exercises…

so tell me, post some practical uses for magic. any you can think of

Unless you are enterpreneur at start-phase, firstly use magic to change your working habits and start to have something from life…

Magic is extremely practical. That should be self evident. You can use spells to make you lucky, get sex, get jobs, draw money, cursing, etc.

It isn’t something that I need to incorporate into my everyday life, it’s already there as I’m living it. Most days I don’t have to do anything “magical” at all beyond focus my will.

I’ve always had the lucky streak of a sorcerer, where things just turn out in my favor against all odds, but I never trusted it. Lately it’s been happening so much that it’s flat out ridiculous, yet I’ve come to rely on it. Where things went wrong before that would upset me, now I just chuckle in anticipation of the outlandish way things will resolve themselves. If I need extra money, someone offers me a side job. If I need something specific, I just happen across the right person who offers to provide it.

I never work magic to get things or make things happen for myself. I don’t need to, it just seems to happen on it’s own. I just set my will on what I want, and everything just falls into place, That sounds cocky, but it’s not some belief in myself or my abilities, it’s just that I’ve seen it happen so often now. It’s like watching the sun rise every day, I’m fairly certain it’s going to keep happening.

This kind of thing’s been going into overdrive for me the past few months. It’s only recently though I’ve noticed how much I’ve begun to rely on it and trust in it, even plan on it. That seems like a foolish thing to do, make plans on some undefined future event, but it’s workable.