Practical purpose for offerings unto the Gods

[quote=“Euoi, post:20, topic:4573”]You don’t actually need to put anything into the offerings. To quote Satan, “We know what the offerings are for, we know their virtues even if you do not.” I never put any energy into it, I never cleanse offerings at all. It’s a totally unnecessary step.
If you want to do it, that’s your practice, but to consecrate like that is just extra stuff.[/quote]

Depends entirely on the spiritual relationship. I run around all day with a pack of cheerfully demanding ungrateful little people.

I’m not doing shit for someone who shouts at me that he’s hungry or wants xxx. He knows how to recall that I am the Giver of Gifts and act accordingly. If he wants stuff, he can use the magical formula, “Excuse me, Jo, when you have a moment, may I have xxx?” And, amazingly, I always have a moment and his want is satisfied. Generally with a hug.

I just carry that over to my rituals. I figure consecration is a way of politely offering the gift. More necessary for me than for the spirit. Gets my mind in the right place, one of appreciation, awe, and all that. So, yeah, certain things are not necessary for the spirit, but they are necessary in my relationship with the spirit. Even though Satan laughs at me for it, he knows why I do what I do.

Reminds me of going to church back in the day. Some places are all over casual clothes and a fucking rock band. Others are liturgical, solemn, beautiful. And then, there’s standing in the middle of the icy water that pours over Multnomah Falls…now, that’s the power I want to touch, not a leftover churchy impression. That’s why I put in the extra effort. I imagine the further behind I leave my former religion, my practice will change accordingly.

Hell yeah. I can concur with that. As Lady Eva said earlier this is the advantage of the path not being a “religion”. Do what works for you.

[quote=“Pom Draconis, post:1, topic:4573”]We must come to understand that the energy we need to survive exists all around us. However at this point in our evolutionary process we can not simply absorb the energy, though certain practitioners of Buddhism and other such traditions have (through certain techniques) achieved this feat. It tends to happen during extended periods of meditation. However… these people to a large extent still rely on food and water.

So in essence the food we eat and the water we drink are simply vehicles for the energy we need to survive. From our perspective this rings true. Therefore that is exactly what these things are due to our presuppositions when used as offerings to the Gods. They are simply vehicles of energy that the spirit can rely on for manifestation. We think we are feeding it so we do, and therefore the spirit can fuel our desire in return[/quote]

Pom Draconis,
One mistake that is made with offerings is the intention behind it. No matter what the offering is, it should be given graciously simply because you want to, not because you feel you have to. I have found that when given under obligation, the offering can be either rejected, or the energy gets blocked from you. Even though I have nothing to do with Vodoun these days, I never forgot what the Loa taught me.

That’s precisely what I wanted to express. Grace. Nothing but self-destruction and dissatisfaction happened for me until I realized how to both give and receive with grace.

People without self-worth brush off a “Thank you” or belittle their gift mentally/emotionally or become embarrassed. When I learned how to accept thanks, how to really welcome it, I also figured out how to give a gift for the pleasure of giving.

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When I give an offering I never do it because I have to. However in the back of my mind I still know it serves my purpose. It is a gift of thanks sure. I would never INTENTIONALLY negate that. In the back of my mind though… I know like anything else on my altar it is a tool which allows me to manifest what is desired. Savodonger and hjo, you are making very worthy yet often overlooked points here. Keep up the “Great Work”. :wink: