Practical Jinn Magic

hey guys, has anyone performed any rituals from this book? if so, how was your experience? i just got it and i’m interested in trying a ritual soon.

if you have not read that book but you have experience with djinn/jinn i’d love to hear about that as well! i was searching on the forum for experiences but no one has really shared much, mostly people saying they’re dangerous but i personally don’t let that scare me because i don’t believe in going in to magic with fear lol anyway, please share if you have some experience:)


Which author,? I have a few books on dijin. But never try it yet,

corwin hargrove!

Oh i see, i did a ritual for a enemy he burns his hand, was 3 weeks of pain. I give it a 3,or 4 stars, its a new guy call saul bouchard in amazon ebooks, $5 in dijjins very good books,


have you had any experience with those rituals? im not sure which ones to use because i feel as if the ritual ‘uses’/titles are kind of broad.

oh okay i’ll check it out!

Yes I do. You need to read the book carefully and pay attention. Like many books of this type it gives you instruction on helping you craft your specific request.


Do not take the Djinn lightly. They are not to be toyed with.


okay! i don’t plan on doing a ritual any time soon, i’m just trying to gain more knowledge. is it possible that like demons/angels, they deny your request? i know that sometimes things won’t come to pass exactly how you want them to when you make your request, but do you know if they just straight up not want to work with you and ‘ignore’ you?

i read that a lot when researching them. theres always a mysterious way of saying it. no one really says WHY or what does happen. do you care to elaborate?

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I would suggest you do more research. That is all I have.

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I’ve done a few rituals but the most memorable ones were make someone see the best in you ritual and make someone see the worst in another. It took about a week for results to manifest but when they did it was amazing. He started comparing me to his ex and talking about all her negative qualities while saying how much better I was than her and how he never met someone like me. I also did it with a white candle because I couldn’t find a black one so I was uncertain of the results. Just follow the instructions and be patient.


I totally dig djinns :fire: Djinns are awesome to work with :heart: to start working with them that book is perfect


Djinn are said to be trickter spirit par excellence.

There are many theories about their origin. They not demonic, but they are not elementals either even though some people call them “fire spirits”. The amount of power they have is certainly greater than any common egregore.

Their power over physical things is greater than many spirits since they are “anchored” into earth. You can say that they are closer to earth.

I’ve heard that King Paimon has a certain connection with the djinn, even though I haven’t asked him about it yet.

Hargrove has a great reputation so if you want to buy his book I would highy recommend it.

You will be safe as long as you follow the instructions


The term Dijin comes from the middle east it translates to spirit, there are water earth fire and air spirits, fire having the strongest influence also referred to as genies I did a massive project on this subject, and the reason they are referred to as tricksters is cause they give you what you ask how you ask so if you said I want a million bucks youd get a million Bucks(the animal kind) or if you said I want 1 million insert currency that’s what youd get


ouu interesting! i’d love to try this in a few different situations lol when you did the ritual, do you remember any noises/movement or the presence of the djinn? and did you do the scatter ritual to release the djinn?

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i heard that you do have to be very specific when working with them! ill keep this in mind :slight_smile: thank you!!!


I guess the only noticeable djinn activity I saw happened weeks after and I was in another place when it happened. I was in my room and i thought I heard my mom walk from her room rather quickly to turn on the tv. Went out to see if she could turn it down some cuz it was loud and I was about to go to sleep. Nobody’s in the living room so I just ask her if she turned it on and she said no and that she thought I had turned it on. Well we just sort of looked at each other for a minute. Lol that’s all the strange activity I can report. No I haven’t scattered the djinn yet because they aren’t doing anything and I think they leave me after a while anyway.

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another question - has anyone experienced a djinn trying to reach out and work with you?

i think i might have put some things together but i could also be crazy LOL

Its a few dijij eboos in amazon. Worth the try, but if its u last action go for, i post a new author up. The dijin magik the other member say is a good book. Too. But depends if u want to chant, or follow a extreme fast, etc but its up to you