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Hello there,

For those who know me yes i am back. I have been reading a book titled ’ Practical Jinn Magic ’ written by corwin hargrove and to be honest i really liked it and went to compare with islamic and arabic scriptures’ and the knowledge he is offering sounds really real and comes from old old book that i personally know. I never felt i can trust a book like this before and that it was 100% real in terms of the spirits and information. However as much as i can see how each spirit day and ritual is the same as the old old arabic langauge written teachings, I am not sure of the rituals will work since i have not tried it yet.

So, excuse my currently stoned mind… :stuck_out_tongue: i wanted to know what u guys that of it if u read it.


Hi I used the book twice one was successful against an enemy, the one was was a love working let us just be positive and say it’s being worked on.

I think I am going to petition the jinn again this weekend and i’ll keep you posted.


I bought the book last week and intend on reading it when I get a moment’s peace. Seems pretty straightforward and easy to follow. I’ve felt a slight pull towards working with the djinn and my husband won’t shut up about the djinn after watching his crazy documentaries, so I’m taking the hint and might work with them soon.


m also gonna use this book tonight.


I have the book and I’ve used it about 15 times now, I have like an 70 or 80% success rate with it.

Just follow it exactly. Do the opening ceremony.
The ritual of the day and the closing ritual.

Easy breezy. And btw burn so sandlewood Djinn love that.

I personally used a chessboard to make a Djinn altar. Includes each daily king, the three djinn that serve the king. And the four elders. It’s like a visual aid for me to concentrate on the system better.


Awesome! Thanks for post!


The real magick if you ask me. Is all in the opening ceremony. The EL chant, the 3X vibration of the five Archangel names. That’s were I sense the power and authority come from to work the system and get results. Just my opinion. I hope it resonates with someone.


I live in the Middle East and have mixed Arabic blood so Jinns sound like a good idea. But at the same time a great part of the population here are Muslims and they pray actively against the action of Jinns, and as I’m not sure how successful Muslim prayer with great intent have on the Jinns (got mixed opinions) I’ve had the book for months on the shelf and I’m unsure.
I’ve read so many good things about the book that I’m curious tho. I guess I’ll end up trying it and hoping no one’s prayers make my magick bite me in the ass.


Hmmm Djinn are really really resistant to normal prayer and banishment. Yes the Islamic prayers can be used to drive the Djinn away and drive them out of possessing someone. But most people’s prayers honestly don’t have much juice. They don’t Know how to pray properly. The will, the emotion, the expectation, the trust in the being prayed to. There are many factors that go into it. That being said I wouldn’t be scared to use djinn magick against Muslims, christians or Jews. They are powerful and effective. They are relentless and very aggressive at times.

The system of Hargroves is solid in my view.

There’s a reason most Muslims are terrified of the Djinn. They will stalk you and bite you,…


Yeah, I’ve been surrounded by very practicing Christians (and now Muslims) all my life and the majority of them pray as reciting senseless phrases. Muslims strongly believe in magick tho, so I’ve discovered that when the fear of being Magickally attacked is involved, they pray with real faith :joy:

I highly respect your opinion Mike, so is great to read that.

I freestyle with Goetics (have DoM but feel much more comfortable on my own) but with Djinns I wouldn’t dare, honestly. Prefer to work under this system.

Oh they are. Big big time. And yes, hear Djinns has very stalkerish behaviors… oh boy I’m getting more and more excited with this book :joy:

Btw, congrats of your 72 challenge, that was amazing work and very inspiring :blush: Hope you’re getting some rest now!

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Thank you , thank you very much for the congratulations. It was a tremendous project but it’s done and I’m taking two weeks off. I did start another journal already. Different theme but I won’t be active in it until my break is finished.

This is my djinn altar I made. The four cardinal points are rooks and they symbolize the four elders mazzern, kamtam, kaswarah taehcal.

The figures by the planetary signs are the kings of the day
It’s Saturday where I am now. I move the king of the day to the front center of the board and out it in front of my three bishops that symbolize the three djinns that serve the king of the day.

This isn’t necessary to practice Hargroves system but having a visual aid and focus point helps me Alot.

Just a thought.


I got that book a ways back. I did a ritual with no results or seeming response from them. On the otherhand I got another book about them by rain al-alim called Jinn Sorcery. I got definite results from that but I got a really bad vibe after the first ritual so I stopped.


What do you mean? Please elaborate.

I haven’t used the book a ton, but I’ve summoned the Jinn here and there, and it’s worked.


I got a strong sense of dread and the room felt like it got heavier. I asked the a angel for assistance and things cleared up after that. I have heard that when working with the Djinn this actually normal and something that must be overcome in order too respectfully work with them. I was just not prepared for it and have not attempted anything with it since then. Most of the book was in Arabic too which made things difficult. Maybe some day if I have some time too study Arabic I might try working with it again.


Yeah they can be super intense. I think the secret is in how the magician treats the djinn. I personally don’t want to bind or enslave them I wish to cooperate and collaborate. Maybe this attitude is helping me with my Djinn work. I don’t know.


Any tips for dealing with this intense aura that they seem to radiate?

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Recognize your authority and be friendly. Burn sandlewood incense they like that alot. Just because they manifest a strong presence doesn’t mean they intend you harm. Keep that in mind. Just be friendly and remember you’re the Magician.


That sounds like parenting advice haha. Just rephrase that as “just remember your the adult”.


Don’t show them any fear either. You’re made in the image of God and have the ruach elohim in you. You’re the magician. No reason to let the spirit rattle you or put you off balance.

According to legend the Djinn were created as a race before ours. A race of smokeless fire.

But we humans are special too.

It sounds like you handled it right.