Practical house keeping

Question…The ground and streams are frozen. And will be for quite some time. What do I do with the ashes from burned sigils and evocations?

I do not want to be disrespectful, but do I keep letting them just pile up? Seems funny, but really isn’t…lol I prefer burying them, but that isn’t an option at this point in time.


Do you have any indoor house plants? You can bury it in there, closest thing to burying them in larger soil

Or you can crush the ashes as fine as possible and place it on the ground near a plant outside, release the ashes in the air, etc

Hi Colleen, I always wait until I have a result from my rituals before closing down a sigil. I then take it through the four elements in order of manifestation to disperse its energies and close it down. I first of all blow on it before burning it, I then pour a little water into the cinders and mix it up. Finally I pour it on the ground (not grass). Air, Fire, Water and Earth……………it is done.

You can also just release the ashes to the wind. That is what I usually do.

Thanks to all of you. I shall conclude that if my intent at dispersal is honorable, it matters not if the ground is frozen.

That’s a great question what I should do with the sigils after an evocation?