Powers of demons

Are there any of the 72 demons of Goetia, or others whom, I could evoke to take a message back to my earlier self. I can’t seem to find any directly related powers named for them though I must believe that they possess this amongst their other powers

A demon would need a vessel because they are from eternity and aren’t bound by time, so they can’t navigate it either. The only problem is that this vessel would need to travel back in time and we don’t have that technology yet.

Even if we did, traveling back in time to relay your message doesn’t necessarily alter the events of the present. Time would just fork and probably create an alternate (parallel) universe where you now have that information.

It can’t be done.

Try asking your Higher Self to carry a message to your past self.

Or evoke your earlier self and pass on the message yourself.


Appreciate your replies. I noted a posting last October from Wizard_Avihs on changing the past with the help of spirits which Lady_Eva replied to in the affirmative and I also share that belief that the past can be changed. Would welcome any advice whatsoever, from Lady_ Eva or anyone on this subject via pm if they prefer.

Much gratitude

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Commenting to help if you put an @ before the name it’ll get their attention faster. Like so @fiducia

While I’m here I’ll also speak on the thread. I respect your decision but in my opinion you should build off of whatever happened in the past. “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” and all that jazz but you do you wo/man.


Thank you for your help regarding the proper way to post which I will try below and without meaning any disrespect, the adage of moving on etc is not nor ever can be, an option for me.

@Lady_Eva Changing the past is possible, me and my old man have done it a few times, though it’s a bit erratic in terms of accuracy, we’re getting better at it.

Not I’m not saying any more and no I’m not telling you details, sorry.