Powerful Wazeefah - Ar-Ruqyah Ash-Shar'iyyah

There is a wazeefah that, in my experience, has proven to be very powerful. This is known as ar-ruqyah ash-shar’iyyah (meaning “legitimate ruqyah”) indicating that the content is acceptable and the list of ayaat come from reputable ahadeeth. A ruqyah is a Qur’anic incantation for healing and protection. (For example, the collection of suwar known as Manzil can be considered a type of ruqyah. Sooratu-l-Fatihah is said to be the best ruqyah, as is Aayatu-l-Kursee.) Even Salafiyoon find it acceptable; a number of Salafi qurra (reciters) have audio tracks reciting this ruqyah. A Muslim 'alim uses it for possession or health issues. Like most wazaa’if, It’s basically reciting a list of ayaat (verses from the Qur’aan) a certain number of times. These verses are (along with how many times to recite them):

  • Sooratu-l-Faatihah 1:all (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-Baqarah 2:1-5 (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-Baqarah 2:102 (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-Baqarah 2:163-164 (4x)
  • Sooratu-l-Baqarah 2:255-256 (3x)
  • Sooratu-l-Baqarah 2: 286 (1x)
  • Sooratu Aali Imraan 3:1-10 (1x)
  • Sooratu Aali Imraan 3:18-19 (1x)
  • Sooratu-n-Nisaa 4:56 (4x)
  • Sooratu-l-Maa’idah 5:72-76 (3x)
  • Sooratu-l-A’raaf 7:54-56 (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-A’raaf 7:117-122 (1x)
  • Sooratu Yoonus 10:80-82 (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-Kahf 18: 39 (7x)
  • Sooratu Maryam 19: 68-69 (4x)
  • Sooratu Taa Haa 20:66-70 (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-Mu’mineen 23: 115-118 (1x)
  • Sooratu-n-Naml 27:30-31 (1x)
  • Sooratu-s-Saafaat 37:1-10 (1x)
  • Sooratu-d-Dukhaan 44:43-59 (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-Ahqaaf 46:29-32 (3x)
  • Soorat-r-Rahmaan 55:33-35 (1x)
  • Soorat-l-Hashr 59:21-24 (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-Qalam 68:51-52 (7x)
  • Sooratu-l-Jinn 72:1-10 (1x)
  • Sooratu-l-Kaafiroon 109:all (7x)
  • Sooratu-l-Ikhlaas 112:all (7x)
  • Sooratu-l-Falaq 113:all (7x)
  • Sooratu-n-Naas 114:all (7x)

Usually, if you recite an entire soorah (such as with Sooratu-l-Faatihah or Sooratu-n-Naas), you recite it with the basmala each time. The etiquette also recommends reciting this after doing wudu and beginning with the ta’awudh, but I skip the last part since I don’t need refuge from Shaytaan.

I’ve used it a number of time with amazing results. So, thought I’d share. (Now, I’m nowhere near the ideal Muslim, so I suppose it works regardless of religiosity.)


Does it work as banishing for parasites ?

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My understand is that, yes, it can work that way.