Powerful Vampire Servitor

Hello, I want to create a vampire servitor and would like suggestions on what entities, planets or symbols can I use in its creation? I have already thought about Lilith, what do you suggest? thanks


Interesting. I have no idea but here you are a bump.


The Egyptian ankh is one often used for life hush vampires feed off of lol.


The Sanguine vampire planet is Saturn. Psy Vampire planet is venus


Thank you!!! I already got done runes and now I will add Venus and Saturno.

I found some runes that I could use for my servitor

Fehu: Destruction, weakening of psychic power, transfer of life-force from target to caster
Uruz: weaken and/or absorb life-force
Ansuz: Initiation in the Mysteries of Death, raises power of persuasion and hypnosis
Isa: Control over other beings
Algiz: Weakening of the targets defences and life-force
Laguz: Death
Combined as:


Cool as dude!

My servitors are just like my family, so they don’t have as many special properties as Pivarom. But I made them so we could love each other like a family, four are supposed to be my protector wards and another four are sex servitors, but I still care about them.


I actually did this years ago. Mine was based on Venom from the Spider-Man comics. The goal was to create something that could gather ambient energy for me as well as feed off others.


and how’s it going?
I use have leg pain and I am already much better, I also feel more connected with the energies

Kind of a long story but the short version is that it’s been bound to a ring because it got to a point where I could hardly control it

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Read Akhkaru, by Michael W. Ford.

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Greetings. Did you have good results?