Powerful Symbol Help?

So I’m having a tattoo created for me soon, designing it with some stuff I like but I want some occult symbols or symbols of power in them. I know not to use spirit sigils unless I have a good relationship with them so I wanted to know what occult or LHP symbols.
I see it as a dedication to the left-hand path since it’s on my body, I know its a path I’m on and I’m ready to find some symbols that speak to me.

Well that’s the thing, they need to speak to you. We could suggest ones all day long, if they don’t resonate with you, it would be kind of meaningless.

Many people have shared some on here. I suggest looking through the archives on subjects that interest you and see if you come by one that calls to you personally.

Okay thank you, and yes I know it has to resonate. Like I feel connected to the Sorcerers Amulet from KOF and the Seal of the Fallen from a user on here. Just want more I can look through

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I was going to say, the inverted pentagram is probably a safe bet.

I’d get a cool dragon symbol personally even though I don’t practice Draconian (yet)

Yeah I’m on the Draconian Path actually and want a all encompassing symbol to use but idk what. Lucifer and Lilith have both called to me same with the energy itself