Powerful spell to get ex back

Hello, me and my ex had a really bad break up, i have benn looking at all the forums and all the answers related to my topic but my caase is particular and if need be i feel more comfortable telling the full story privately

however if possible, does anyone have a VERY POWERFUL spell that will cause obsession and the need for him to come back to me. yes it will go against his free will :frowning: however I would greatly apreciate it if you could help me please. and yes i understand the reprocussions but i am ready to accept them, even if it is stalking or always needing to be near me, honestly i would prefer that. please help me…again if full story needed i prefer through private message if that is ok?

bonus points if the spell works fast :wink:


sorry to hear that, please try one of the methods listed in one of these threadsand then make a new topic once you have tried at least one of them, that way we can help you with some experience:

Also, please make sure to do an intro, and have a look through our forum’s rules! :+1: