POWERFUL protection ritual/exercise

i’ve been doing this ritual that -Uncle Bear Heart- uploaded on youtube

it’s a hybrid of LBRP and MP, using planetary names, and Master Symbol (2 pentagrams combined in a circle)

here’s the explanation of the Master Symbol - lesson 1
Planetary High Magic Lesson One: Master Symbol

The Merger - lesson 2
Planetary High Magic Lesson Two: The merger.

the feeling i get from doing it is different from LBRP… it is more intimate, and i feel it a lot more.

i suggest to check it out

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Valid information but Jesus Christ relax bro lol he is SOOO angry about this Chillllll ouuuuuut lol ill definitely try this if i can get through his SCREAMING lol

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Hey look, it’s the Tree of Wyrd… Isn’t that interesting.

“…I want you to feel how FUCKING powerful this symbol is…”

The entire time, it felt like Mode was yelling at me with his caps lock (no offense, man).

Exactly what im saying lol i had to turn my speakers headphones and the actual video down just to make it through lol

yeah guys, i know, he’s ranting a lot. ok. try to focus on the system and just do it.