Powerful Parasites

I’ve been visited by some very powerful parasites

these parasites are strong, no strong light energy, beams of lasers, sun energy, getting impaled by light, beams, and getting hit by my sword do anything. its quite scary actually

they seem to be trying to place things inside of me.

like they keep trying to put more parasites inside of me? like they to try to impale me and come as aspects that i recognize. its really bugging me

I always ask abaddon to destroy them and always he does, but he didn’t come this time.

its like they try to put bugs inside of me, my earhole, my naval, and when i block them they just stand and stare looking for ways to poke and insert things inside of me, this is all during sleep paralysis so its really hard to defend myself.

what the fuck is going on, going to start banishing more in do lbrp which i never do

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Call Kali immediately


Might be something a bit more powerful than a parasite.

Surturs Flames can kill anything do maybe peitition him.

The Solar Banishing which lady Eva posted here is very effective too.


If it’s ok with you, I will try to scan you to see which spirit you should work with, just let me know, blessings.


There is your answer. Banishing is a basic part of basic spiritual hygiene. If you never do it, stuff will happen. Banish for a week straight and don’t do any other magickal operation until you’ve cleaned your area.


I’m hearing more and more stories of antibiotic resistant… I mean light resistant parasites.
On a serious note though, I’ve sometimes found those specifically resistant to my light banishings are suspectable to the opposite.

Abaddon (since you work with him as well) had me create my own darkness instead of asking a deity to help do a light banishing. Kindve like your own personal malivore if you’ve ever seen “legacies”.
I asked Abaddon what to do with it and he simply said “FEED THE DARKNESS” as he disappeared in a swarm of locusts.
Ever create an all consuming darkness to devour them instead?. Take whatever darkness they are and compound on it. Make something worse and have it consume devour and destroy them.

Come to think of it, Abaddon may have taught this due to his affiliation with the bottomless pit. I mean it’s his devine way of dealing with big baddies too. You can liken your banishing darkness to a bottomless pit, or whirlpool or portal and have it devour the parasites.


Call your mom?


i will try this, thank you

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Nope, this literally happened to me and that’s what helped. I was so delirious at the time that I was creating my own problem. My mom helped. I was just offering what worked.

It’s sounding pretty hectic, though I have a question (due to an intuitive flash)
Could it be something that you have called upon yourself?
On one hand it sounds and feels like Michael, on the other hand it sounds like a backfiring attack.

yes it could have been, but now i’m starting to believe this is something more than just a parasite, ive been visited numerous times with them trying to insert things inside of me. I saw a bee flying around, but its definitely not bael. Idk, its just an annoyance like a get excited that ill be able to meet any of my guides at the crossroads then its just something nasty sticking on to my arm or naval like tf bro.

I will be doing modified lbrp and recently made a pact with lucifuge also containing some form of protection

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People tend to use the term parasite in abundance, you’ll also generally find that the people that spend their time using the term either are the parasite, know the parasite or don’t know what they’re actually dealing with. Most parasites, aren’t of spirit, but rather of physical life and generally human, (and though while having “power” tend to be no more than whiny dickheads (excuse the language) on the war path.)
Psychic vampires however if you will tend to seek life force and are more common than one might think because vamps are generally looking for life force to sustain themselves.
Those of the spiritual variety though (ghosts/spirits of the deceased), are simply seeking life and living, and too are more common than one might think.
But “parasites” tend to be people with spiritual aptitude.
When I read your post the very first thing that came through was the attack factor, then someone trying to communicate (which could explain the bee, as they have been considered messengers of the “gods”), then a big toothy grin, followed once again by the fears etc that you were experiencing.
There are those that have been attempting to communicate with you, likely those you’ve called upon.
The attack whether a backfiring or an attack simply placed upon you was rather malicious.
However there are also those looking to connect with you, through the spiritual realm, which might feel like an unwanted intrusion though it feels as if you’ve called for them yourself, which might explain other attempts at “insertion”, the thing is that these two things are happening in tandem.
I’d suggest asking for help with discernment, so you’re more aware of which is which.
I had a similar sleep paralysis experience after working with a certain entity/spirit, where I was literally frozen and then maneuvered like a puppet, however during the experience I was also getting bombarded from other directions by attack though I dare say that the attack was overshadowed…so it’s good to have the discernment factor.

Hi there. Do you mind if I pm you??

Sure, pm me