Powerful Love Ritual

Can anyone help me for manifesting this ritual. I don’t know why but I cannot visualize the process and I’m trying so hard. How can I enhance my visualizing skills?

By training : meditation and doing exercises on your astral senses etc…

It takes time and work to hit the manifest stage but first you need to work on the basics than you will be able to manifest something. First learn how to walk than start to run :slightly_smiling_face:

nice spell I like the simplicity of it!

Isn’t that heartagram from Bam Magera’s band lmao?

Think of it as a symbolic thoughtforms, essentially all magickal symbols are just that and the heartagram is the amalgamation of two symbols.

The Pentagram - The symbol of magick, the blueprint of man and woman, the elements etc.

The Heart Symbol - The modern thoughtform of compassion, endearment, passion, care, love etc.

The combination creates the perfect synergy of love and magick, ergo love magick, man/woman and passion, Compassion, emotions etc. It was a spirit that stated for me to use it and I too shrug at it at first although the magick and real power contained within the hybrid symbol is very real and works very well.


Would it work on someone who is actively trying not to speak to me? We slept last year but he goes out of his way to keep it into a one night stand. Not even friendship.

Okay so watch this and you’ll understand the mechanics a little more on how it works


What should I watch? Is there a link? I cant see anything

I can’t believe some one took it without crediting :expressionless:

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Thank you for this @C.Kendall! Would love to try this for my ex on a Friday AND the break up spell you posted, for him and his current partner on a Saturday. Any other tips? I promise to return here and give feedback once cast. Excited to try!

Thank you for posting the ritual!!