Powerful Love Ritual

Someone is passing off this ritual on a different site without giving @C.Kendall credit!

A pox on them, I say!

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Sadly, that’s the hazard of posting things on an open forum. A YouTube channel called Satania is passing off the angelic language mantra for the senses that former member @Micah channelled from Meton as their own, and even dressed it up to sound “demonic” lol

There is also a guy on Amazon who gathered up the “4 Incantations for Limitless Power” that EA released on the forum, slapped them into a Kindle ebook, and sells it as his own work.

I’m sure there is a ton of stuff on this forum that others have ripped off without giving credit.

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I intended to include the link in my previous but then my brain did an oopsy doospy poopsy!

As a writer by trade I get so fuming about plagiarism. But as you said, it must be an inevitability. I guess maybe one optimistic way to look at it is if other people are willing to rip it off, it must be valuable.


Magickal clutter. Like when different forms or origins of spellwork is used. One may not work as efficiently as it should bc previous work has already been done . Also there can be side effects from this as I have experienced

What sort of side effects have you experienced if I may ask?

I posted an update a few comments up but he became very “blank” . No emotion at all . Then he ended up snapping talking about suicide and went to a mental hospital for 5 weeks . And I did a aphrodite love spell removal to help him . And then he got out . He ended up abandoning me … but all that means is that he was never really mine to begin with - so ill take that .

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Why with a binding spell? Tell me what happenee

I did the spell the candle had a lot of wax left. When my air condition came on the wax spilled out. Is this a bad sign the spell did not work?

yeah it worked my life is hell now.

pretty much the same is happening to me he is a zombie now but he has become more of stalkerish I’m scared to even do anything out cause I’m scared of him.

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I have a aphrodite love spell removal . It worked overnight and he broke up with me the next morning . Some emotions came back . Personality , etc. He has reached out since. And we did get back together at one point . But split off again . This was a few months ago I did the love/lust spell removal and it def worked . Now we are civil . He doesn’t really talk to me . But he does stalk my social media . But not not in a malicious way .

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Can you do it on yourself with someone
Or should it be done by an outside source?

Hi, thank you so much for posting this amazing ritual. Could the candle be replaced with something that does not need to burn, or could I just visualise the candle in the heartagram?
My landlord is paranoid so no incense or candles for me :weary:

My English is not good, I don’t know if it’s because I said Chinese mantra and failed

Did this spell work for you?

Can I use a paper with his name and his birthdate if I dont have his photo?Everything is shut down due to covid and I cant print

No it did not
But I don’t blame it on the ritual.
Sometimes you win sometimes you loose :slight_smile:

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Sometimes there is just others that are meant to be in our lives :two_hearts:

That is very true.
And sometimes it’s not even about someone else but your own self-worth.

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I live with family - can I use a red scented candle so I can pass it off as aromatherapy and not doing spells? Also I don’t have privacy so will the spell work if I’m interrupted? Can I snuff out the candle and come back to continue or will I need to start over with a fresh candle?