Powerful healing spell needed for my parent's

Hello everyone it has been sometime since I posted on here, & it feels great to be back!!

However I’m in need of some help with figuring out a spell to help heal my parents from their injuries. 2 separate incidents.

I want to help them out as much as possible, & I’m ready to put forth all my energy, & powers into helping them to my fullest extent

If anyone has any powerful healing, &/or health related spells that could even potentially help, I would appreciate it so very much.

Thank you all so very much in advance

Is it physical injuries? one can use intention. rub hands together to build hot chi. then lay on top of injured area with healing intentions. Some require good massage thoroughly working on posture. Alignment of spine helps energy flow. Another sector is supplements for proper nutrients for repair. Light movement mobility exercise to get blood flow to injured area.

Meditation on healing helps too. One can even use hypnosis for healing. As one go to sleep. Give repeat suggestions to heal while sleeping. There’s many ways to help heal using mundane methods besides the passive magick route.

I don’t know the exact injuries so these are just general ideas for physical injuries.

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Positive affirmations sayed loud , i am healthy for few hrs every day till it’s gonna heal , works wonders

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This one I’m going to try!! Thank you!!

I appreciate your comment very much!!

However dad doesn’t know I practice Magick, & any contact with his injury is very painful. Moms too stubborn to go get or let others help sometimes…This for some reason being one of them​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I was hoping to get more of a ritual, that could out power the something I might create!!

Mom’s got an ankle injury, & dad’s got an injured knee if that helps at all!!

ankle and knees have hard time getting blood flow so mobility movement is best. rotate the ankle in circles slowly many many times 50-100 times a day to get blood flows. knee issues. massage the upper leg muscles and calves. helps energy and blood flow since most knees issues is the tendon attachment and imbalance of muscles. Slowly build strength on leg. one can do isometrics hold. straighten leg while tensing it for certain seconds. build up to a minute. the person control the strength so it’s safe. slowly build up. Eventually he can get to holding squats stance of horse stance. the squat hold help balance stabalizers muscles of which knee issues is often the problem.

Magick can help but the cure is in personal active self healing methods. magick isn’t enough. Key is to get blood flow and isometrics and mobility movements helps get blood flow there. laying of hands help too. life force can help direct energy there.

I had tenden surgery above knee due to benign tumor blood clot when younger. it swollen up my knee. took months to heal. key is to get the surrounding areas healthy slowly. fast track don’t work. I thought my knee heal but i went and did 1 hr energy horse stance training. next day it swollen up. had to take it easy for few more months. lol. sometimes body feel ok but the inside haven’t healed yet .so take easy the strength exercise.

you can heal without contact too by focusing on surrounding tissues to help blood flow to injured area.

movement is healing. fast way to heal ankles is mobility movements. basically going through range of movement and circles. you can do it in the air so no pressure on ankle.

I appreciate your comment however, they’re doing what they need to do physically, & I’ve been in the medical field for 7 years, so unfortunately on my end, you were preaching to the choir so to speak but I do hope someone does get useful knowledge from your comment, & might I add you seem to be very well educated!!

Again as much as I appreciate your comment, I need magickal advice or spells that may be more effective than my own, so I can help my parents to the best of my capabilities

most healing depends on the state of mind of the injured. Most is dependent on being proactive and not passive. This has more to do with them doing the work. i’m in the natural holistic healing most my life so this is base on real science. Healing is what i do as a specialty as i’m trained in bodywork and holistic health studies in college… If you mean medical field as in western healthcare, i don’t see much promise when they focus on drugs whereas i focus on healing. Your question already prove medical field isn’t working as if it did you wouldn’t be asking here. I’m into the alternative healing side of medical care.

If you dont think my suggestion will work and just dismiss it . that’s your choice. When it comes to healing someone I care, i don’t dismiss it when there’s nothing to lose and is base sound logic, I leave it up to the injured to decide.

I don’t think magickal spells is the route most effective nor practical. that’s not base on science of body healing. People go magick route cuz they can’t think of ideas anymore.

My suggestion is Just being practical base on how the body heals from real case studies base on science.

Since your not open to mundane science healing methods but looking for magick spells. then i have no more suggestions for you. hope they get better.

I do not appreciate the condescendence nor will I tolerate it. Please refrain from posting on my threds if this is how your attitude will continue to be.

Everyone is doing everything they can. I want to use Magick as another form to help. I’ve made they abundantly clear.

I will no longer reply to your comments on this thread, please do not reply to mine to save clutter in this particular thread. Thank you, & best wishes.

In continuing to what wisepup said, I’d also suggest a form of reiki work. It can work great even with physical injuries. It’s best if there’s a physical contact with the injury but if its not possible whatsoever then you can do it from distance too. You don’t have to tell them you’re doing a reiki session, you can just say you’ll lightly massage the area to help with the blood flow. You can use your experience in medical field to convince them.

Obviously, cleanse your self first before you mess with people’s energy field and banish. Wash your hands. You can call a healing entity to aid you.

As pup said, rub your hands together in a circular motion to open the hand chakras or check almost any youtube video to see how to open your hand chakras. It’s a visualization/intention process. You can also massage your palms and fingers, especially the tips. If they ask, just say your hands are cold and you’re warming them up. Usually you’ll feel an (unusual) inner warmth in your hands they might start to buzz and feel tingly.

You can use your own energy or draw down the universal/celestial/whatever other energy.

Don’t forget to discharge the energy at the same time, usually to the ground. The common mistake is that the healer takes in his body the condition.

Don’t focus only on the spot that hurts but the surrounding tissue/organs/parts too. Sense where the energy disruption or cluster is and draw it downwards and away from the body.

Wash your hands after and cleanse/banish again.