Powerful financial sigil phrase

Give this phrase a go for your next Chaos Sigil.

“I make money in my sleep!”

Craft it with the energy of waking up and checking your phone to see how much rolled in the night before. Or even the energy of casually explaining to someone who is in awe that you make a living outside the prank that is the W-2 job structure. Sort of a “…and yeah, I make money in my sleep.” (because it’s obvious to you when you say it. Manifest that moment as a result. Some of my best are crafted this way.)

This is a HUGE step away from the world of most people; as the typical person sells their time for money and they think it’s hard to get.

Get on whisper and give any credible business advice that would actually get someone somewhere (nothing you’d expect to hear from some idiot on yahoo answers) and you’ll end up with a horde of replies that sound like “lol sure everyone can be rich on the internet.”

Most people are conditioned to believe it’s hard to make money. In reality it is everywhere you look. If you see it, there is money being made off it. The opportunity cost is different depending on assets yet YOU currently reading this have marketable skills. No matter who you are, you can start a business right now and have rent next month paid for from hustling in your spare time.

I went from managing a Dominos to having employees on 3 continents. Not that that means anything in the age of virtual assistants but it goes to show that anyone can do it. I didn’t have a business degree (most people with them make amazing employees and terrible entrepreneurs) After the tough part it’s mostly people work and putting out proverbial fires.

Try this belief on, it started for me back in 2011 when I read the 4 Hour Workweek for the first time. Try the feeling on and let yourself bring you evidence as to why it’s true.

Fire that sigil off and see what doors begin to open for you. It’s a process and it’s an amazing one to go through.

If it seems underwhelming to you it’s because you don’t see the power in indirect magick. If you cast for something next to your result, reality will have to make up the difference in order to make it true too so that you can get the one you cast for. Be general when targeting these. Too specific wordings limits the ways magick can work, the “pathways” if you will.

If you’re new, look into the Spare method for sigils and program this one. I’ve got a ton of threads up about my thoughts on them. I’ll be thinking about better phrases for this application but this popped into my head and I wanted to get this down while it was fresh


Going to try this next :grin:

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What’s the difference between a regular sigil and a chaos one?? Sorry I could google but slightly sleep deprived if you don’t mind explaining. I create them as I wish, charge with energy and burn…

Will def use that phrase

Chaos Sigil = Something you create for the soul purpose of getting a particular result you want

Any other sigil = A gateway symbol that connects you to a being

A sigil is a sigil, all of them were drawn by someone at some time no matter how old it is. The Chaos prefix just denotes the personal manifestation process that goes with it


@InnerGoddess if it helps to avoid confusion, I like to refer to the symbols relating to spirits as seals instead of sigils, so they don’t get confused with the method from Chaos magick as @Norski explained.