Powerful entity?

Hello, I have a friend who last year did a ritual to attract a djinn, the ritual said it would take a while to have an effect.

The deity or whatever it is shown in him dreams, is pleasant and quiet…his name is “Hakat” and he seems to have some knowledge of future facts and he even knows things about people.

According to my friend: he looks like a jokester but not bad person, he has relation to snakes, sand and hyenas, he only makes short visits and has a certain rejection of light just like I do.

Do you know any deity/demon that looks like this? Shocked us a lot because “Hakat” told him things about me that my friend had no idea about for example: that I have a connection with England and Spain (my half-brothers/sisters live there).

Wepwawet is associated with Hyenas, also to the sands of egypt, not sure on snakes but his father Set is and Set doesn’t have a connection to the jokester unless you mean trickster in which case he does but the trickster archetype is one of unconventional teaching.

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