Powerful Banishing Spell

Hey all,
If You need a powerful banishing spell then here is something I was guided by my Intuition To do.
The Ingredients I was led to use were:

Cayenne Pepper
Crushed Red Pepper
1/2 of A Lemon

I was guided to take a Handful Of Cayenne Pepper approximately this size:

And to use it to create the Circle by rotating anticlockwise 9 times thus forming a 9 layered circle if you will of Cayenne Pepper. While I did this, I focused on the Intent to banish any and all spirits blocking my focus and meditation. (The pepper is extremely fiery which acts as a good, potent agent for banishing. It is also good to use in place of sulfur as they both are Infernal/Demonic in nature).

Next, i took Crushed Repper and repeated the same procedure as above, moving around the circle 9 times and STATING OUT LOUD my intent.

Then, The Lemon. I squeezed the Lemon Juice out around the circle 9 times while commanding the spirits to depart. I said,

“As I squeeze out this Lemon Juice, so your evil is squeezed out from my Life. In my own Name as a Living God, i command you to depart!”

At this point, I started repeating the Flame Chant which took me into the rapture state:

_Itz Rachu mantantu vespacha kaltamu. Itz ranta mant kala mant atzu belt tasu. Vaskalla itz ratzu kantantu velchatza! _

Lastly, to seal the working and bring into existence the full intent to kill any entity blocking my ascent by banishing, I recited the 12th Enochian Key.

I followed up on any residual energy by using a bowl of UnHoly water; using the Darkness to banish, instead of the Light.


Form circle with:
Cayenne Pepper (rotate anti clockwise x9)
While focusing on Intent

Crushed Red Pepper ( rotate anticlockwise x9)
While Stating your Intent

Lemon ( rotate anti clockwise x9)
While Commanding the beings to be banished

Seal the Working (Recite 12th Enochian Key Once)

Remove residual energies with bowl of consecrated water (Optional)