Powerful Banishing Ritual of Moloch, Fantastic Results

In my previous post, I was being plagued by an entity that had I had conjured. The entity had been with me my whole life and had manifested before me to cause bad luck, harm, and emotional instability. Its channeled name was “RAX” and it was a manifestation of all my personal demons of aggression and anger. It had now been given form, and was plaguing me.

Today, it was hard, since this entity was trying to stop me from it, but I managed to perform a banishing/cleansing/killing ritual to king of fire, Moloch. Moloch rules the Qlipha of Thaumiel alongside Satanael, and was known for child sacrifice and war/fertility. During this ritual, I got to learn alot about great demon moloch personally.

He has an incredibly fatherly energy, and is strong in protection, banishing, purging and removing undesired negativity. His element is that of Fire, and his metals are Steel, Brass and maybe Copper. He likes fire associated crystals like ruby, and volcanic rocks like obsidian. His planetary correspondences are mainly the Sun, but also Saturn. He has masked as a god of Fire, Fertility and Childbirth, Sex, Time, War and Blood, and Living Sacrifice.

The ritual I performed consisted of three phases (plus phase 0).
0. Casting of the circle and sigils, short enn meditation.

  1. Satanic Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, clearing the ritual area and focusing on the negativity you wish to cast into the flames of moloch.
  2. The summoning and invocation of moloch, the ceremony of Gehenna and opening the qlipha of thaumiel.
  3. Channeling your sigil of moloch and the spell of protection, the dismissal and farewell.
    If you would like to know about the details of this powerful rite that can start not only a relationship of trust with moloch, but a purging of negativity and a warding away of negative energy, just message me!

Moloch Enn/Invocation chant: Agios O Moloch, Salve Rex Ignifer (Numinous is moloch, Hail to the Firey King)


Awesome :fire: Moloch is totally hot