Powerful Azazel Invocation Music (Ritual Meditation, Enn Chanting, Azazel Evocation / Invocation)

Dear members,

I have created a 5 minute Azazel invocation and wanted it to share with everybody who may need it. Listen to it with headphones whilst in the ritual circle. It works very well for me. Let me know what you think




Please tell us what the genesis of this chant Is, Is it just a demonolatry enn or something you created?

We have a rule here that prohibits new members from offering their magical creations until they’ve been an active member for at least 90 days because, unfortunately, we have had some unsavoury types in the past try to take advantage of forum members, so please provide some background on what exactly this is. Otherwise, it will be removed.


to be honest, I have a feeling its more of an advertisement :smiley:


Hey man, as explained before, I am not a new member :slight_smile: my old account Apotheosis has been deactivated by you after our conversation in the intro discussion, because it was not accessible anymore.

I do not care about publicity. I do not care about views. I care about being of service to those who have changed my life. As you may know, creating something for the gods is a well received offering. Take this post down if you feel like this is the right thing to do, if you feel like this is some kind of advertising, then it should not be on here.

It is a meditation enn chanting, free video - no string attached, no service offered. I am not in need, nor interested to make money from anything related to magick.

No hard feelings - I believe in that everything is and turns out how it is supposed & meant to be.

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Yes, I remember. However, you are technically a new member, even though you have been here before, because you have basically started over with this new account, so the rules for newcomers do apply to you. Your old account also wasn’t very active and never moved beyond the basic trust level, so even if you were still using it, you would be considered a new member, bound by the 90 day rule, as the rule states an account must be relatively active for three months before being able to offer anything to forum members.

Thank you, this is what I wanted to know. We get a bit paranoid when someone posts a link to a video with little to no context or explanation because of problems we’ve had in the past, so that’s why I asked if you had created the chant or if it was an established enn. It is helpful for people to know what exactly they’re listening to, that’s all.

With the explanation you have given, the post is fine to stay up.

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