1.Anyone else born with powers besides me .?
2.anyone else get contacated by a higher demon? Out of no where…
3. I know I’m. Not alone now yay!!
4.feel free to respond :slight_smile:

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  1. Everyone
  2. Most likely everyone here if not any “higher” entity.

What do you mean by “powers”? Do you mean you are a sensitive or have the sight?
What is your definition of a “demon”, and what makes it “higher”?

Powers gifts sights anything that normal sheep people dont have on a. Day to day basis example i guess would be with me ever sence I remember I can dream and eventually the dreams come true but it wont be till years or I can sence when somethibf bad is about to happen or I can day things and they happen power. Sight. Feelings ECT ECT as far as higher demons in my case i had a dream about belial he came to me i asked him who he was he told me I woke up gooled him and found out he was real and i was shocked coz i nevet hurd of him. Higher what makes a demon higher huh well i guess whos closest to the Lucifer himself Idno im new to all this im just going on what I feel in my heart to know as true

All of what you describe is pretty common, actually, especially for those in the occult community. It doesn’t make anyone special.


Yes it has allowed me to manipulate my genetic structure into various animals. :grin::grin::grin:

I believe everyone is born with the ability to do magic, so therefore, sure thing. Getting contacted by higher beings as you call them, is also not very uncommon. For example, I’ve been contacted by Loki and a few other deities over the years, often in the form of being forcefully projected without any warning. :slight_smile:

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