Power sensing topic

That’s what I figured lol

Id be honored


I’ll deliver it to your inbox. As for your request, it has been denied.

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Of you? Ah okay brother, thank you

To heal her. The angel has denied this as well.

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Intriguing. Thank you anyways, brother



Could you read me? I’m pissed off right now.

I’ll give ya a scan tonight, PM me if I forget.

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Anything interesting as of late y’all?

I know that you told me to start doing, but I am FURIOUS right now.

Give me a reading, if you may.

Anyone willing to scan me ?

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I feel a strange sense of happiness, chill, and contentment coming from you.

I feel like you almost don’t care what will happen to you because you’ll be fine regardless.

I see a dark, shadowy darkness with red eyes. He explodes in a black firey conflagration of love and power.

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Fuck it, I don’t want a reading.

Yes that’s very true and thank you so much for scanning me

Can you please tell me a little more about this one ?

I think it’s the power of your demonic self.

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Ok thank you so much

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Very well.

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The raven flies. Supersonic bulletspeed over a grey landscape. This must be how those Game of Thrones ravens fly so fucking fast. XD

It descends, sweeping us into a black pyramid on the shore of a long-forgotten bog.
Anubis turns, and speaks without words. He is flanked by the same (servants? assistants?) figures that I saw before. Bast is here as well. It feels like there is some sort of news or instructions. Everything flashes, like a strobe light.

Remember the past. Face the future. Become the present.

The pyramid can be used to be in any moment, which jives with the pyramid scanning technique that was taught to me. It can do a lot more than that, I think. That actually gives me something to think about…

There are three versions of you in the flashing light, overlapping. I don’t feel like this is an illusion but rather a choice…or perhaps the opportunity to bring the three splinters into one cohesive whole.

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I’m going to ask that people stop scanning me. Don’t find out what happens if you go against this.


Just fulfilling your request, my friend.