Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


i see a woman with blue clothes
she seems to do a ritual in a stone circle reminds me of stonehenge
she sees the flames and i see a man made of flames…like she is watching him and maybe guiding him.my intuitions says thats a call from who?i felt the impression of lilith


Wow…Very impressed!

Not sure whether the man is representing me, as I am a woman, but it would make sense anyway!!!

Thank you so much,x.


Im interested.


@Qayos what i have received, is an interpretation of who you are. One mask was expressed as Lucifer, but also a mix of lunar and venusian energies. There is also a lot of torch energy. Being able to look at hidden stuff, but also being able to hude other stuff too.


I would like to be power scanned / swap please. Also could someone please explained what it means to be power scanned / swap.


Hi Addi her. If some one can scan me i would love that. I can’t scan some one my self get. Not knowing how to.


@Qayos is the T Toltec? Or Tonal?

Are we referring to a group?


anyone wanna scan?


I feel azazel charge your aura with infernal energies is very potent and he invite me to do the same. @Xag_darklight


on you i feel green energies.they have a very celestial feeling a colour vert similar to this image

they are powerful energies,connected to your being and soul,i could sense that your soul is a celestial soul the energies that i sesne (the green) is very connected to you,yet you dont make concious connection with it and become who you,its alread on your heart and on some forgotten places of your being that you ignored and doubted


can you scan my soul too?


Your soul is becoming infernal black and red Azazel work on your soul…i can feel fear you fear you soul?


yes…thats my soul dark as fuck,and yes i used to be my ego and being someone who i am not and i didnt sense my soul and makes sense why i fear


Your fear is subconscious you can perceive it and you really don’t want it will scare you you are not ready yet


yes its deep but i can sense it if i go deep enough


Any one up for a trade?


i would like


i see wolf walking agressivly and slowly in a pack of sheeps all the sheeps fear …he chooses his victim but he unreveal some
you are awakening up peopleyou are becoming powerful and lawless


I see a lighthouse, but it’s inverted, light all around yet the lighthouse projects shadow from the top. The whole vision splits open from the lighthouse like one of those double cover books, and there’s nothing but darkness.
There’s a darkness within you, more than you can imagine but you choose to only use a part of it as it seems you try to keep the light outside


i think that i must become that darkness whole
anyways thank you for the scan