Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Either was is good for me


Oh I’m sorry, but please, can you read mine too? I may not be able to return it.


I see you with this fire in the palm of your hands. You stand fiercely on the ground, I feel this balanced energy from you, comined with heat. It seems youre tapping into both of your sides as well. Destruction and creation swirling to become one. If i were to attribute winds to you, itd be the east and south wind.

Fire, air and earth are present here. You are the roaring desert heat.



I see a dark forrest at night. The crow is flying over head… searching or hunting for something.
Its a full blood moon.

There is something dark and mysterious about.
Your circle is dark the flames are black it hides well in the night.
Theres a goddess in the center… standing like a statue.

There’s something at work there … like mystery magick.
Well hidden and secret.


That’s a pretty good read! :slight_smile:

For you, I see a small furry creature that’s a bright yellow, with mouse-like feet and some kind of mane of darker fur around the head. It reminds me of a Pokémon, like the evolution of Rattata, whatever it’s called? It smells like fresh lightning and has big chompers, and feels almost like a variation of a firefly pattern. Rather interesting! :slight_smile:


Do you know the goddess?
I wonder if it has to do with my plan to utilize my other half. Which may be associated with awareness and attention, since life is the light half of death and awareness refined through the process of being alive is attention. Sex gifts awareness and sex gives life. When death occurs awareness is recycled.

When Nergal averts death he becomes a god of life…


hey arianna do you want to trade?


Would you like to trade


yeah do mine and i will return in 15 mintutes


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I see a winged shark with large crab pinchers. This aspect of you is vampiric and predatorial. Your godform is related to destruction, war and darkness. Lots of yin based energy.


I have a terrible time with this sort of sensing, and I’ve been feeling a block between me and my spirits. Also, I had thought that I was primarily in the current of lust, but I’m starting to rethink that. In any case, anything anyone can tell me would be greatly appreciated.

If this is a tit for tat thing, I can’t offer a scan, but I can ask my patron King Asmoday a question during my next session with him for you.


i see a portal
a portal of time you go through it
and you will see through your past
remain still,flow with it its the past and a lesson,you will see your past hurt


@Qayos would you mind trading with me? I need to know a few specific things. Firstly, in my quest to become a seer, I have been reading Carlos Castaneda. I know the books are enchanted. But i ordered and have been reading The Second Ring of Power.

After taking my first break from reading the text, I felt a lot of energy. But my body gave off the feeling of being sluggish. But i stepped outside and it felt like everything was not the same and that i cannot look at things the same either. Ever since then i have retained a lot of energy. Sometimes it felt like i was reaching a “peak” so to speak. My abilities in general have since been enhanced.

Other than that, im looking for allies in other sorcerers and was wonder what traits i should look for.


anyone wanna trade?


Hiya! Sure, I’m willing to trade. :slight_smile:

For you, I immediately get the sensation of a big stone, like a landing pad, but for people like you in particular. It’s kind of oblong and made out of a pulsing grey, cementish liquid. It attracts people like you in orbits, some circling inwards and others beelining back or forwards. The only information I’m getting on how to connect with it is to try, because it’s actively seeking out ‘members’ like you, and it’s name starts with a T, if that helps?


What did you mean by people like me in particular? You meam with the similar pattern?
Since you said to try to connect with it, it must be a good thing. Since then, i have had this sensation of heat on the back of my neck and i have just been teeming with energy. Even my Beerus-like personality changed a bit.

I’ll return yours in a moment. I just woke up.


anybody wanna trade?


I am up to it :wink:
I feel tension. You are waiting for the results of an action. Doubt maybe? Could it be self doubt?
Maybe confusion about having to choose between two paths.
Chaos overall. I have drawn a rune for you also.
It showed Berkana upside down. You deffinitely feel stuck in your current situation, or wanting to get new income of money or similar matters but not knowing where to start.

Am I close?


yep,good scan,i wil give yours