Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Please can anyone scan me. Im a newbie trying come up to certain level of practice. I have nothing to swap for a scan. I really need one


Hello, i’m new here and in the occult in general but i try and i would be really happy and grateful if anyone can give me a free scan or reading :slight_smile:
i have nothing special to offer as i am new as i said but i can try a 3card tarrot reading as i am starting to learn the tarrot :slight_smile:


lets do
i will give yours in 15 minutes


I’m very shaky on scanning, its been a long time.
Definitely interested in trying to swap if anyone wants to scan me.


i see man that looks in a huge gate a stone gate
maybe for a city
around theres wildlife,butterflies trees and generally nature
you hold a torch with a huge golden flame "you are unlocking your godform,be a looker and a ruler of the seas"the sea is metaphorical
you need to be patient,yet control the chaos


i see a man at a temple doing a ritual,theres a giant pit of flames in front of a statue,or maybe some being,the being its huge wears clothes like an armored knight i cannot see much as he is very dark he gets up and holds,"great things are coming to you"he is saying
you made big devontions been patient and overall dedicated.


I dont get nearly as much detail, just smells and seemingly unrelated images.
Musty, wet dirt. Smoke -smells
A deer, stones, something formless but golden.

Also, the harder I focused on you my chest and core got continually tighter and uncomfortable.


do you think that is there something wrong with me?


I have no idea, but I can tell you it isn’t my place to decide if something is wrong with you. I think you may just be guarding more than you realize/intend.


so if i understnaded correctly i overreacted?
if yes,well maybe thats the reason why


Maybe, I’m most certainly not an authority on the subject. That’s purely a guess.


That’s pretty good! For you, I see a squid-like creature with two main appendages and eight off each tentacle, it’s grey and flowing like water but also has the texture of stone. It’s surrounding what looks like the mouth of the cave, and to either side are two yellow, glowing orbs that are in constant inner rotation. I get a very ‘Choose your adventure’ sense off of this, like you’re coming into or upon a major crossroads- it smells like stagnant, mosquito-infested water, if that helps?


Hey i gave you a scan yesterday and you never responded


Anyone wanna trade?


Hell yes.


Awesome … you going first?


Looking for additional trades! :slight_smile:


Ok ill trade


Sure. Here or discord milady?


I read circles …

So Ill read yours …

Your circle has purple flames…
High and thick…
Hints of black its almost a smokeless fire
Its night and stars are out

The flames feel hot like … almost bubbling hot … strange.

There are moths. Several flying around in your circle.
Theres an old grimiore and its pages are full…

Theres something in the stars that connects to you…
The big dipper
I feel something like the abyss close.
You move thru gateways and portals easily.
Your circle feels … like it could pull things in almost like a black hole.
Theres flecks of yellow in the purple flames now.

Theres a stirring … like a shaking things up.
Your circle pulsates its kinda its own star .

Its very strong. If i enter the circle … it feels like its rotating or spinning … it feels almost like a tilt a whirl…
Intense magick there for sure.