Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I’m not good at drawing tbh

But you can find your guardian demon by simply meditating on it


It is similar to King Paimon’s sigil and it has a similar vibe to him


i had thought of azazel i get lots signs like this
but its better to meditate on it


Azazel and King Paimon are very connected if you look it up


Some occultists claim they are 2 different aspects of the same being but I can’t tell you about that for I haven’t looked into the subject but the 2 of them are indeed connected and have a similar vibration


That is something that would be better suited to a medical exam, not a possibly inaccurate energy scan.


Can someone read me pls i will swap… especially chakras and godform…


I will have a try!



Thurisaz! That’s the rune of Thor! Or it’s often attributed with the Norse Hero god of man Thor


It is also connected with protection! Double sided rune, you have to prick your finger on the thorn, to realise it has a purpose!


@Davyboi what do you mean exactly by replying this to that post ?


I know what it is (it is already mentioned ) but what do you mean?


In order for something to grow, shine, without being hindered, a protection must be used…thaun is that! It is a protection and a warning, this rune is grown, by yourself over years! Not invoked at a whim…


Anyone up to an exchange :wink:?



Hello mate, as you know there is two ways of writing hagal! From what I sense this is the one for you…old school rune.


anyone scan trade?


I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post on or not but can anyone tell me why this has appeared in my minds eye? I am aware of what the symbol is but not what it would have to do with me image


Hiya! Looking for trades? :slight_smile: