Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Yea that’d be fantastic.


Im entering new situations and im kinda walking in shallow water. I have all these emotions yet void is the best way i can describe feeling. I need to get my mind out this funk and reassurt my goals. This was well needed thank you


Glad it was helpful :slight_smile:


Life is weird haha. I appreciate it a lot!


No worries, here is your scan…


What I scan is not what I personally feel! What I will say, I do not mean any offence by, I am just saying what I feel…
I get the feeling of a child who is bound by church…mother, father! Family! Religious beliefs…which you respect but not your own. Early age, realise that… different…mmmmmmmmm? Why do you hate these beliefs? You have no reason to? Yet you do? Boredom maybe? Repression?


Been processing tons of Energy lately…

Still going…

  • Might have use for a reading.

Anyone who feels confident with the heavy energy,
i’d apriciate a scan.





I would like to trade


lets do


i see a woman dressed in robes walking torwards a door in a mountain
the place is grey wild mountanous rock region i see trees like pines
the girl walks torwards the door slowly and scared holding a candle
i hear cracking sounds
like a beast walks upon the rocks
“the girl hides” i hear


I would love a scan. Never been scanned And im just starting magick and just wanna know where I am.


Hello people! I have been dreaming of an image specifically a rune…DAGAZ! It has appeared in my dreams for about the last 2 weeks.
I dismissed my dreams, thinking it was just me over thinking things… ignored it.
I went to see my family Saturday gone, and my 6 year old nephew, wanted to show me pictures he had painted, one of the pictures he had done, was the image of the DAGAZ RUNE! He said it was a picture of an hour glass…sand timer…He then insisted that I should take the picture, because he had painted it for me! Crazy!
Anyone got any advice, scan, information?


Dagaz is the rune of the dawn, the rune of day and it symbolises hope and happiness. Perhaps there’s something that is subconsciously bringing you hope or happiness.

And well, considering your nephew’s age, it’s not hard to believe that it’s a child-like hope and happiness, something trying to connect to your past and your childhood or a spirit attaching itself to you to try and bring you the hope and happiness you want in life


Sorry for the late reply, wifi has been unreliable as of late.
I see a mansion of blood and gold, and a figure in the doorway. Only thing I sense from him is that he’s preparing for something big., Looking around I see the mansion a bit more clear and it’s heavily fortified as if a war was coming but at my back is a gentle breeze.

Eh can never be too careful I guess.


Would you like to trade?

Invitation is open to all really.


Anyone down for trade ?


i am in


i see a village like no other
looks lonely dark and it has mists
i see people who look like guards with guns i see them sleeping
the whole vilage looks sleepy i feel like someone is going to show up and attack i feel like its you i feel baneful intents from you to attack a certain community or group of people if you arleady have now its the best time



I see lava and flames like inside of a volcano…

There are creatures made of rock with firy eyes…

There’s this demon like being made of pure lava and flames sitting on a throne made of rocks…

I can also see a sigil on the wall right above the throne and I get the feeling that it’s your guardian demon…


can you show me the sigil?
i been looking for my gurdian lately btw