Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


i see someone standing in the middle of a colloseum like strucure but its different becuase everything is flowting …trying to see the someones face reminds me of dantalion he has the 3 faces and that robe that he wears he looks ready to summon (you perhaps?)
maybe this a wake up call of dantalion


I would like to try and start scanning people? Anyone?


Anyone one do trade scan


I will try and scan you, but I don’t want one in return, I am just learning so wouldn’t be a fair trade.


Do you wish me to try?


Yeah that would be awsome!


Give me 5mins please.


Can someone scan me and share the info?


Here I go! I see a 8 faced goddess, sitting on a chair made of slate…360 degrees…north, east, south, west and everything in-between…like a hologram, each point of viewing is different, she is everything to all, like a chameleon… absorbing, learning, what she sees, years…it’s all recorded…she is like a library, a record of what is happening in the material world, she has no divination…this goddess is the moment!!! Tick tock…any feedback would be appreciated.thanks x


I would say this is pretty accurate it is a extremely interesting to me. As I often find myself disconnected material world,

Also did this, goddess speak to you at all ?
And can you PM me as well plz.


The only feeling I got off this goddess is she is not the talking type…she has one purpose only to study, record what is happening…she is powerful, old goddess…but cares not, or maybe doesn’t care…I am not sure…but she is consulted by other entities, she is a library in sound of way…x


Thank you for all your information and your scan,
Sounds I really appreciate it let me know if you ever need to scan.
She sounds like me I’m not really the talking type


Sorry, the goddess I scanned wasn’t you…she is what is around you, I should of described that better I apologise…


I thank you for clearing that up now I only wonder who is she haven’t heard of a 8 face goddes before


Just in case anyone feels inclined to scan me. Unfortunately I cant really return the favor🙁


I’ll give you a scan when I get the chance



I feel void energy the moment I connect to your avatar. I see myself adrift in a vast empty space. It is devoid of all things. A light appears in the infinite distance, a tiny pinprick amidst the cold and nothingness. I try to move towards it, but I’m stuck. No matter how hard I try, I cannot move any closer to the light.

I get the sense that you have a choice to make. You can call this Light to you, and take command, or remain adrift, forever seeking after things you will never obtain.

Please let me know if there is any accuracy in my scan :slight_smile:


anyone scan trade?


Im down for a trade.


Ok let’s start