Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


@Dragon_Crow okay can you pick up on who’s around me atm?


The trio of power themselves, Lucifer, Hekate and Lilith. Belial is background if that makes any sense.


Alright, peeps, it’s been awhile since I have stepped foot in this thread, but I’m feeling a bit oracular today, so I would like to participate.

Who’s down for a swap?


Id love to when im free :slight_smile:




A few things have been portrayed to me

First off, i see Michael guiding you through a journey. At some point, he will act as a sort of “bridge” into Metatron. Should you reach this point, it’s going to be important. Gather your energy and save it because it may be needed.

Secondly, i saw what was either a Magpie or Hooded Crow, both of which are connected to Babd and The Morrigan, which again, this point will be important. When she comes, things will change drastically. Be prepared for battle and don’t falter. However, she will greatly empower your magick.

Those two will be very important. Know that she watches you even now. I also feel slight Hekate connections.

Thirdly, i see owls which are associated with Namaah and Lilith, which speaks of Nightside connections. Have you considered a Qlipothic journey? Might be worthwhile. Your aura is a dark blue, with a baby blue towards the center with swirls of purple. Lots of transformative energy.


Thanks, man, that is most interesting about Michael, as I have been working with the archangels the last week or so.

When i connected to you through your avatar, I saw a maelstrom of different energies, lots of lightning of various colours. Pushing through that, I was in a void; it was dark and silent. There were no stars, no galaxies, no anything. Pushing deeper, my vision came upon a translucent gem, and within that gem was a flower, possibly a lotus blossom.

I got the sense that some sort of transformation is on the horizon. I’m not sure what kind, but my intuition tells me an alchemy of some kind. Not the black alchemy of Belial but something different, though just as powerful.


Funny you said that considering what i just saw.


What do you mean?


I just got done with an important ritual.


You said something related to something I saw in the ritual thats all.


Thanks :slight_smile:


I would like to jump on this train before it hits the 10k wall I am in.

I can’t really scan my self. So there wouldn’t be a swap.


Anyone like to scan me?!

Sorry, insufficient skill to reciprocate/trade!!


Trade scan anyone?


Bump. Can someone scan me please?


I seen a knight in black decaded armor standing tall on this cliff looking over this medow full of animals and flowers. He picks up this sword next to him and mounds on a white horse with blood on it. As he was riding down he took a book out his pocket and started to read it. This book was strong and had tons of magcik. I couldn’t stop hearing cheering noises in the background


Good evening… Any up for a scan trade?


I just noticed your scan, @OnionKnight. Thanks. I’ll catch you next time I’m on.


yes lets do