Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


accurate,i really need to be grateful for the things that i got,so let it be my lesson.

aslo accurate,lately i work with the demonic warlords “anatel” and they put me in challanges and in astral fights too,

the accuracy amazed me
thank you for the scan,it will help me a lot


Essentially yes.


My name is Brett Hamilton so U can get a Easter connection with me


Alright, I will use that. Even though I could’ve just used your username.


I saw a person bent over in fear of himself and there were 2 fleshy spikes coming out of the persons upper back. Kinda reminds me of vampirism. You might try and look into that. I saw something like a a flower that still had its color, which was violet to pink, and the flower was dangling over what seemed to be an endless abyss. Upon focusing on it more it seemed as if the petals were falling into this abyss.


Thank you so much so far I felt a warm heat and bright red flats to a portal of white light then a black bird with one red eye if that helps you at all that’s all I got then all black


Not bad for your first try. When doing this kind of thing that is what you should be looking for unless looking for something specific.


Do U think the person in fear and the flower over an abyss is a sign of my fear to open my mind and let go of my fears as I often want to do more but thing I might stuff up and get hurt by something


I don’t know what you’re trying to ask. That sounded very confusing.


Just trying to link what you saw to me and what it’s meaning was


saw a person bent over in fear of himself I felt when I read that if fearing my own power and what in capable of


Anyone wanna trade




I seen a red goblin on fire waving this banner in the air. ( felt demonic) on the other side of the plane there was a gold and blue pyramid with some lady hiding behind it. This this was flying on the opposite side if the pyramid with a search light on. This lady had a blue shield around her. " help me"


You mind interpreting that for me?
Yours is coming up.


I see a draconic and fiery energy. The dragon itself has green eyes and yellow, orange and red scales. The aura is also red and orange.


Anyone still doing scans?


It feels like an attack, this person is being loud for a reason and is not intending to be silent. The women is a friendly character, shes been worn out from a long battle and needs helps. Maybe a friend, family member or even you. The person attacking you has a strong influence with a demon but i couldn’t make out the sigil


Anyone scan please


Is the attacker on here?