Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Hello, who would like to exchange scans?


i would like


I would like to be scanned if anyone is up to the task.


Can someone scan me please


Anyone wanna make a trade scan? I have a bunch of free time over this week so it could be nice to get back into training this skill up.




Can you teach me to scan people


Yeah sure give me a sec. There is a thread that teaches one to do this.


i see a door
looks like medival dark times
its darkness i see light on the door
i see a clothed girl knocking…
winds with leafs speak
“be patient its your strengh.embrace it”
the door says “closed until sunshine”
meaning open the door after the darkness
i feel like you go in a dark night of the soul
after the darkness the light will come
be patient



Also I don’t condone or push people here to use any drugs but have just tryed DMT a couple times as herd it’s a spiritual molicul to open the 3rd eye I felt as if the centre of my brain was in overload and saw amazing things and colour like in HP Lovecraft walls of liquid and shapes of 3d would you consider this a real 3rd eye opening experience and is mine now open


I’m not sure. I’ve yet to officially look through my third eye or use DMT. But I do know that your third eye is already open you just need to develop it more(I.E. meditating on it) to be able look and see more.


Could you scan me to tell me anything I could learn from and U might see something or a spirit I can not


I see you did not like things as they were and wished instead for the rattling of chaos. A better game, a better challenge. And it is not why you put yourself through this, for this is a good path, the question is what triggered such desires and dreams.
In the midst of a storm shelter is to be found in that small cabin, it dances in the night, moves the door, windows. And when you enter, there is something to really fear. And fight. And win. Something tells me you must build this magic cabin.

When are you going to have fish for dinner again?(no idea why this popped in my head)


Well, I could scan you but I doubt I’d be able to get what you’re asking for. I don’t know what you mean when you say anything you could learn from but I could try to sense spirits around you. I’m terrible at that though. Or I could just give you a general scan.


I lack patience, my biggest flaw.
You are right about the rest. Thank you!


Yes that is what I ment as I can take anything U say and learn more about myself


General scan is perfect


Ok, I see. I would appreciate it if you were to try and scan me as well. I would like to see how good you do at first.


Will try I just close my eyes and consideration on your name right?