Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Awesome. I see a lime green slimy-watery energy, that seems to adapt to the energy its subjected to. Think of water when its poured into something, it just takes the container’s shape.

As for your aura, i see a fiery, sparkling blue and white energy with an inky black shell, surrounded by a band of golden light. It seems your vibration has been raised a tad too.


I see a boat sailing in a chaotic sea
I my mind gets “angels and demons”
In darkness you hold a touch
You seem not scared of your findings
But not grateful too. You want something else

I see an earthquake cracking the surface or earth and molten lava coming out, then I see a giant dragon rising from it


I recently been and adapted to higher dimensions and the green blue energy was my energy body color


Can someone please scan me


Anyone who wants to scan me, here is my magickal name in runesUntitled


Can anyone trade scan?


Hey is someone up for a trade?


I was wondering if anyone can me to see if my request for a succubus worked


I am up
I will do in 15 minutes


Ty i am new to all this so what do i need to do


Hello Mike
I didn’t say that I would scan you I said for @Everblue

But if you want to trade I am up
Here the steps


I see dolphins
Head is grey blue
In the middle is white
Bottom grey blue
I see it as an emblem
But it become real
And swims in a near by island
I see people of tribes the people are brown color with white and red tattoo lie colourings
The are hunting it with spears in the island

They seem that they really want that dolphin
And each time that they are seeing they are making noises and run from their homes to catch it


Trade scan?


Let’s do


I see a green snake with grey and black scales I see other snakes around they are albino
The snake slithers in brown direct
I feel like it’s a wrong direction


@Xag_darklight How are you doing. could anyone here scan me. Thanks.


Thank you! I don’t have any clue what it could mean… but I’ll write if it makes some sense :sweat_smile:

Ok so I see a man who is getting tortured in a medieval cell by these things which drop a waterdrop every few seconds on your head. He cries for my help but in that moment the keeper rattles on the door, storms in and tries to kill me with an axe or something haha
I dodge his attacks and capture him with plants (lianas) so as he is sitting on the ground I take off his mask and it’s the same guy as the one still getting tortured… I ask why he does this and he just goes ‘I don’t know’ the whole time.

Oh and he looks very handsome with blonde/honey hair a defined jawline but still very young, around 15 or so


So I torture myself?


That’s the most possible I think… also because the man completely lost it when I revealed him and asked why he did that to himself, not even helping and freeing the other but just having a meltdown… maybe it’s something very deep and unconscious?


Unconscious most probably because I have
Bad thinking patterns of doubt