Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Well well look who decided to show up lol jk


Anyone want to trade? Pm me :nail_care::kiss:


Anyone want to trade scans?


I can if u still want to


Can someone plz scan me? Ill trade if ud like.


i see man climbing a mountain…
he has power and knowladge he is couragous and strong …he climbed to the top… but he has to decesend to go into a higher mountain…he can do it…but patience is the key…have the balance of knowladge and action


can you trade now?if you are active we can do of course


Anyone want to trade?


Anyone wanna trade


Im on now. Wbu?


Will do, just in 15 minutes to rest a little


K. Ill check back in a minute


I see waterfall
You are observing I get this though coming to my mind “to observe and be observed”
My 3 eye buzzes
I see and feel impression of torquese or blue energies around it
Feels natural godly ancient and celestial water element
I don’t feel an angel but something different
Then I see a green snake with brown and grey scales on its skin with red eyes
Feels not 100% demonic but it does has a essence feels reptilian
It just


Anyone wanna trade


Man sorry…on urs now. Ended up sleeping after I read ud be resting. Gimme a sec.


Ur read…Ok I see activity around u. You have a demonic entity flying, then another entity flying from the sky towards the ground. The phrase “fallen angel” is repeated twice. I then hear Lucifer. I see an angelic figure on ur right side. Bright white aura. It felt really angelic, but then again, I hear Lucifer. He’s watching u from what I saw. Do u work with him?


Can anyone please scan me


Yep I worked recently with him and with other angels too like Michael and Raphael


Wanna trade Xag?


Will do