Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I see mountains near oceans, I see a serpent swimming beast who swims in the deep waters I hear it roaring
I feel blue and dark blue energies too


Hiya! Who would like to trade with me? :slight_smile:


i would like,i did like to you go first


Sure! :slight_smile:

The word ‘crayfish’ comes to mind immediately but that’s not what I see. There’s a grey crocodilian creature with stone-like texture and almost dinosaur-like horns, with tough sinews clamping the jaw open and closed. There are no eyes that I can see, but two comical nostrils, implying an atavistic but patient and predatory character. Only the head of this creature is visible, because a good 60% of your body is fused into making its double-helix neck. You’re only a shadow, so, I can’t really see what’s going on with you, but it seems like the completion percent to this transformation varies between 40 and 60% of your human body. It doesn’t smell bad, but the shadow does seem like it’s trying to pull away from the monster. That’s about all I can get of it, though.

I feel like an internal inhibitor is preventing the transformation from manifesting. Whether you’re afraid or just protecting yourself, I can’t tell- all I can definitively understand is that the crocodilian is way out of your normal league. I can’t sense any intent, fwiw! :slight_smile:

I’m open for additional trades as well. :slight_smile:


thank you,i will give yours in a few hours


do you think the internal inhibitor is a spirit or just a thoughtform or a self created egregore becuase i deal with my bad thinking patterns that i know are perventing from confindence and power so i am curious if those bad thinking patterns created an egregore that pervents me


It didn’t seem conscious, more like it was automatically moving, so the bad thinking patterns could honestly be either the shadow you or not, but I feel like there’s no hostility coming from that creature- bad thoughts usually radiate animosity! :slight_smile:


Anyone wanna trade


Depending on who picks this, i may have them read a picture.


A stormy night and you are in the middle of a tornado that is destroying all around you… The power into you is increasing more and more. You just need to stay focused on your magick goals… the good things for you are coming soon…


Good day! Any up for a trade scan?


Could you do me if you get time? I need to confirm somethin, would help me out a lot

Asking because you seem good at it


Hi hi! Could you scan me, please?


I see a black door in a red room. A green aura came out of the black door. Then i saw a gold ring. Thats all i could see. Sorry

Im coming out of a breakup so i have a lot of intrusive thoughts. Im also new to this technique so sorry for lack of detail


Could you do it later with a little more details, please?


I have a feeling im gonna be down for a bit longer than that. But ill try after my energy work tonight. Can usually clear my head at night


Perfect! I’ll wait. Have a great day!


@Qayos @Akhtyahussein

I will return the scan in 3 days or probably a week I need to rest so my energy won’t be fucked


Anyone trade scan?


I need a scan man, can I PM you?
Seriously important business, but it’s nice to see you man.