Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I see a indigo light surrounded by a ring of white light. A blue lotus flower is slowly emerging, signifying awakening. @Xag_darklight


Good evening. Any could scan me, please? I’m up for a trade. Thanks.


Can somebody scan me to see if my higher self is blocking me from sensing spirits, and if so, petition or appeal to my higher self to have me be completely open to sensing spirits? If not, then I know all I have to do is practice [blue flame] meditation and it will come.


will do your in a few hours


Ooo you know what. I haven’t done scans in a while. Im probably super out of practice but anyone wanna trade?


Im game.


Okayyy. Gimme a sec.


Yo can I get a scan?
Its seriously important stuff


Scan me please (Chris Farley in Tommy Boy voice)


I got the image that reminded me a lot of the fool tarot card when reading you… however it was altared a bit.

Instead of a napsack there was a scepter and the flower was a spider. In fact it looked more of a king in the place of the fool.
I dont practice tarot but according to google…it means new beginnings and being inexperienced. In the image there was a black dragon in the background. Im not sure what the dragon could represent but it felt adversarial.


You’re cluing in on more than you might think. First off, Scepters are symbols of power, authority, and godhood.
Which, my current work has to do with achieving godhood and what lies beyond that by embodying my higher selves and godform and essentially becoming that, then extending further. Sort of like becoming a channel but more.

Now the spider is where it gets interesting. Because you’re delving into a side of my current that others dont often see. The spider is the weaver of the tapestry of fate and as well as having to do with weaving sorcery. Sorcery by its nature is a form of interference, which is trickery. Spiders are often regarded as manipulators. Which again ties it to trickster energy. If i remember the spider is a symbol of that side of the current too. Spiders are connected to the void. So am I.

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Did you know that cards such as The Fool and The Magician can be used to work with Trickster Gods like Odhinn and Loki? The Fool also has to do with cunning, etc. Think of jesters.

Tricksters are also adversarial. But I’m tied to Tiamat, who is the personification of the void. And I am a child of the void. You’re also picking up on the fact that im an old soul.

But you’ve also seen different aspects that aren’t related to that side too. Pretty groovy!


Also since you noted it was a black dragon, what do you know about fear? Im also connected to death too.


Geeze and here I was about to apologize for not giving much :joy:
Yea in the vision the spider was being held by its thorax… like you were gonna use it to start shooting webs, and it was just gonna allow it.
The black dragon felt like it was both friend and foe… like it was going to both help and hurt. I think its interesting you mention the void because the dragon was so black it was hard to make out any defining details. Also the king who was in the position of the fool was blindfolded… but somehow knew that he was headed for the edge of a cliff… he wasn’t scared. Held his head high.


Is belial your patron or something? You have a strong tie to him. But whats interesting is that you have an athenian feel to you. A sort of ribbon like grey gold energy.


What do you think that represents


He was my teacher for a time. We shared a lot together… or I did with him at least. I’ve written a couple posts on it.
I’ve never gotten athenien though.

Self destruction. But the king/fool knew it would be to his benefit. The rewards he would reap would be worth the downfall. Thats why it wasnt a fool, it was a king. I think the blindfold represents more of being blinded to what will happen in the future, but he’s very aware of the situation he’s in now. I think it could also be sort of like “take what you want, consequences be damned.” I mean looking at the symbolism of spiders I understand his confidence.


Speaking of which i felt that youve been through a bit and such have become your own kind of warrior in the sense that you’ve learned to be yourself, amongst other things involving spiritual warriorship.

Interesting considering this happened.


Yea it definifely has the same sort of motif as Odhinn sacrificing his eye.
Self sacrifice.

You’re certainly not wrong. Interesting how things can mold a person.


Did the cliff feel lonely? Or rather something more "in your face "?


@Micah honestly your energy feels like transmutation.?.. and that possibly having physical effects on the body. Feeling some kind of somthing going on around the heart.
It feels like your whole energetical feild is flipping in on itslef and turning inside out.