Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Albeit brief, you’ve been like a mad scientist sort of guy, mixing and matching different parts of different energies. Innovative and intuitive, you’re figuring out puzzles people dont see. During the waxing to full moon something will reveal itself.


Sounds saturnian. I’ll look at it later




Scan me


Nevermind… I got my answer loud and clear


@Xag_darklight Would you mind giving me a scan. Thank you.


Can you trade?




Will do your scan tomorrow, I am healing my chakras recently




Can you scan my 3 eye I will return later


There’s this song by Andrew Huang called “Love is Real” and in the beginning the drums aren’t quite in sync. While scanning you I noticed this same feeling.
There was a temple where pillars were being set up but it looks like it got abandoned. Pillars are standing tilted, and I see one standing but it’s already breaking down.
Based on the intention on scanning your third eye I believe this means that it needs some TLC time.
If you recently cleansed your chakras perhaps you were interrupted before you got to your third eye and now it’s not in sync with your other chakras


so now theres a fuck up on my chakras and yes i cleansed them




Hi I’m new to this power sensing scanning, my energy has been doing funky stuff for months, think it like entities and spells and last night in particular it was a bit difficult to know what was going on. Anyone?


Hey, could you do a scan on me?


Someone mind scanning me to see how my deification is coming along?


Please can someone scan me? I really feel the need for info about something


I would like to request a scan of my godform or whatever you want to call it. The reason is because i have done work to become a faerie and although i feel that i am i would like to have observations from others. If your not willing to thats cool. Just thought i would ask anyway.

Steps to perform scan

Scan swap?