Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0




wanna trade too?


I see a violet flame shooting up into the night sky and parting the clouds. Despite this, the sky is still empty. Four hours pillars of blue rock rise up.

That’s all I saw. I think it means you’re “in the clear” and there aren’t any threats. At least, that’s what I got.



I hear a river but don’t see one. There’s a moon hovering above a grave yard. Ghouls rise out of their graves and look at each other as if confused. “Haven’t we done this before?” they ask. Two ravens fly above them but don’t seem to have a destination in mind. A tree om the edge of the graveyard comes alive and starts vibrating a single syllable. I can’t tell if it’s “ma” or “ah”. It’s eyes and purple and orange. And then it stops and says “Keep going”.




I see a starry night sky. There is a statue of white marble of the god of the hunt, Hircine. A wolf prowls across the grassy landscape, looking for refuge.

Is the wolf a totem of yours?


To my knowledge, no the wolf is not a totem of mine.


Any idea what that may mean? From what I understood is to keep moving


Hm. Have you looked into ninurta at all since we last spoke?


Anyone want to swap scans ?




Anything in particular?


Been feeling a bit drained lately, but I reckon it’s just down to the amount of work I’ve been doing lately. Reckon a general read sounds good :slight_smile:
Wbu, anything you’d like me to focus on?
You talked to hectate btw? Hope everything is working out alright


That’s what I got too


Hmmm. Honestly, just whatever comes up. Maybe what system I should work with? If you need what systems I work with I’m willing to tell.


I have not. Got a migraine so haven’t been up to a lot.


Sounds good. I’ll pm you your reading. I’ve made a new divination tool I want to try out


Yo can someone look into something for me? I need any messages from a group of beings called “The Lords of Noctis”


Looking for some guidance scan :slight_smile:


This is so nice and cool!

Would anyone give me a scan?
If there is a curse around me or anything bad?
Or if Lucifer is with me or has atleast heard me and if he has any advice for me or something?