Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


PM* or?


Dm would be appreciated.


@Mr.Vulture, care to give me a scan?


Scan trade please?


Sure, mind looking for any shemyaza or melek taus vibes in my godform?


Can we do a trade as well?


Sure mind going first, since I need to take care of @Arianna


ok heres your scan

i see a lake of fire,i see abadddon holding a staff or a spear legions of small demons
“the watchers are within you”
i see a great king sitting on his throne he get up and he calls you down,it doesnt feel demonic but goldy like olympic or even slavic
the essence of death water and magick are within,learn to utilise it


I’ll pm you tomorrow, now I’m in a rush.
I hope general scan is okay with you.


@arianna the aspect of you that is presented to me isn’t one of destruction but of healing and grace. Think of Evanescence’s song Good Enough where she’s playing the piano in the rain and the fire extinguishes. But with golden rain and plants start to blossom and bloom. That’s what’s trying to get ahold of you. Or that is the aspect you’re projecting.


Have you merged with Azazel yet? I see you performing the ritual. The message here is to shed the human self and learn to embody the godform. If you haven’t done it yet you will want to soon.


I see the peacock right off … vibrant colors and showing off his feathers. Some thing mysterious though and under the surface. Like an under current is pushing and pulling. Like dark waters.

Lucifer is watching …waiting something is going to happen soon … something big, with the pantheon.

The time is now.



Then it’s time to strike. With or without him.


I’m down for a swap.


Still wanna trade?


Anyone can scan me? I have done some huge spells and want to know if they are worked or not.


Trying to do!


Scan anyone?


Yep still down for trades.


Alright, would you mind scanning for anything that comes up as well as any threats?