Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Anyone wanna trade




Sure, take a shot


i see a swrilling black hole swrilling darkness and dark blue energies i hear “abaddon abaddon abaddon” i see vultures feeding upon dead you are about to start new beginnings in life and in personal growth,and realise your limiltess potencial,step to it


Now is a good time to attract abundance and prosperity. I see hawks. Spirit encourages you to give for your goals. This is a time for action rather than deliberation. Move with speed and patience.


acurate thank you


Anyone care to trade?


lets do the trade




@Xag_darklight sorry for the wait. I see a fisherman with his rod reading a book, I can’t make out anything on the book, but it’s shiny and silver. The fisherman is reading it when I see the rod get pulled. The fisherman really knows what he’s doing, reel, relax, reel, relax, then a giant golden fish comes up and the fisherman is still calm as ever bringing it to the boat. I asked if there was any message and all of a sudden a Whirlpool starts under the fisherman and his boat but he’s still calm as the whole ship collapses and we’re going down. There’s a atlantisesque dome at the bottom and once I get calmer we’re there and a voice rings “steady patience will achieve your goals”


Do you know how to scan @Ggley4ndx ?


thank you

i see someone walking and entering a place with dark forest he looks confused and a bit scared i hear “dont be afraid to walk in darkessss ssss” “get to my boat and the empires beyond men would be shown”


i see a cult calling belial and i hear them chanting his name
they are on a pentagram circle and the 4 magician are all on black robes


Trade scan?


I see you with odin and other looking like norse gods
I see you below an giant odin statue “your godself arises” I hear
The riven is within, be you trust yourself I see a river flowing through mountains


I actually saw a picture of vultures a bit after this.


Hey guys,

I need a specific subject looked at, anyone willing to help? Experienced people preferably.


Yessir :hugs:


Would mind reading me for any shemyaza vibes? Feel free to share anything you get even if it seems crazy


Yes let me get back to you after I look up that new vocabulary word. No need to worry about not sharing enough my reading game is Dr.Seuss weird but everyone seems to understand him!