Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Sure, sounds good :slight_smile: that would be interesting

I get a butterfly with you for some reason lol. It’s quite big, not a typical small butterfly and it seems to be lingering in one spot. Then I see an old desk, like what they used to have in schools back in the day. It has a piece of parchment down with an ink pot. Nobody is sitting there, and it seems the room is abandoned.


I feel like orange energy is in you, but I feel like you are a bit frustrated, so a nice rest and not giving a fuck will be a good medice


I am frustrated haha i have bronchitis that i was only diagnosed with today despite me going to the doctors Tuesday last week and being misdiagnosed. Feel like i’ll never get better.

I have a strong urge to put either Azazel or Lucifer’s sigil under my pillow before i sleep tonight also.


Sure, but I won’t be able to respond in about 3 - 3 and a half hours.


@Becca Okay, I lost track of time and I apologize, but here’s yours:

A tropical island in the ocean. The weather is sunny and clear. A whale pops his head out of the water before taking to the sky. He reaches past the stars and looks over the world content. “Everything is as it should be.” he says before diving into another ocean on the other side of the world. There, it’s night time, but the skies are still clear. Beneath the water is a bunch of glowing coral.


To whoever is doing the scanning, I’m interested to see what you’ll feel.


Trade scan with anyone…??


Can anybody scan me?


Do you know how to Scan??


hey can we trade?


oh dear,i had some lung problems too!,i strongly suggest yoga,tons of water and inhale tea steam,aslo lots of gingers as well,and vitamin c from oranges,best wishes



…the chronicle of life can get pretty hard but a Knight you must show the hard side of your heart…

Nothing that yields true success and power can be achieved with greater easy…but hard work is what can determine the true potential of the Knight…

Stand still…hold yourself together and Enter the war grounds with full confidence…

The might God of war is at your side …do what you have to do…

I hope it Will make sense on you… If it won’t I will repeat it tomorrow… Just tell me the area I should focus…

And scan me back…


awesome good scan, here yours

“you hold so many things behind your back,they frausture you…let them go and rise,i suppose energy and shadow and asking spirits will help,but you can only do by youserlf,you are the greatest source of power that you will ever have,ask your soul”


:grinning: I agree with that too… “Asking my inner self”…:wink: I’m working on that …thanks…


@Xag_darklight Could you scan me.


Let’s do a trade


I do not know how to scan.


Anyone wanna trade


Its really easy and it can help with your physic senses
Here’s your scan :

“meditate more, don’t force but flow through it,”
I see a monk meditating rivers and leafs by wind pass by
The monk seems to force

I hear

“don’t force but flow”


You may not need a vanishing ritual btw