Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Hi all I’m new to all energy and magik as I cant summon or see or talk with any spirit yet could someone scan me and tell me anything they find about me r my energy or aura so I can learn what I might be good at


Yo can I get a scan anyone?


Sure wanna trade


You need to work with the black Sun more. Work with Ahriman, ZOHAK, and others of that current.

The Path of Smoke would serve you well


Maybe when I’m done with my deification work.

Return incoming


I’m seeing you as this anthropomorphic black liquid that’s seems like a poisonous ink, with many snake fangs and eyeless appendages.


Anything else?


Hey, still wanna trade?


@Micah, wanna trade?


Anyone willing to scan me? Thank you


It wouldn’t be for awhile. I’m at work until 10 (weekends are the worst days to get ahold of me.)


I’ll be up late. So that’s ok.


@A.Lucifer I sense lunar and feline vibes when I examine you. A Queen of the Witches feel. Not Hekate but something like her. Do you have a connection to Circe?


Super close. Feline, I was hanging out with my cat a few min ago lol! Hekate…Nop. u probably sensed her cuz i work with Lilith. Witchy…mmmmm…I’m in a situation I’m reading on different works to take care of it. Gimme a sec I’m returning urs


I did urs. I really hope it’s accurate. One of those readings. Well I stared at ur profile pic and sensed someone may be watching u. I continued to stare at it and saw more shapes with what seemed to be eyes just watching. I then heard, “he is a seer. He can see the future. His love life is great. He’s happy with it. No entities around at this time.”


Anyone trade scan?


I do…


I see a celestial place with pianos and trumpets theirs a throne it’s hard to describe it looks crystaly, the colors are in a colder hue, like cyan, purple, I see a lot of gems and a start in the middle “come lucifer come” I hear


on ur read…looks like u have a lit going on. In regards to entities, I picked on 3. Azazel says he’s ur friend. I saw a female entity behind u, sensing one with a lunar energy like Lilith. I then saw another entity that claimed to be Belial. Are u working with any of them?
You have 3 birds around u. 2 eagles. The other I kept hearing falcon/raven( idk my birds. Couldn’t have an accurate guess on that.) The eagles symbolize strength.
You also seem to be moving between 2 planes. I see a figure going through a gateway, and another 2 coming through the same gateway. Male and female entities. I hear Belial and Lilith. (Hope it makes sense.)


I work with azazel mostly but I had interest on