Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Great scan, tonight I will perform a great iniation ritual with azazel


I see you standing in a large doorway, your holding a torch and behind you the doors are shut tight. But if one knows you or they have passed a test they may pass. You feel wise and knowing …your waiting for someone specific to come…so you can leadd them throw the doors and teach them hidden knowledge.

This place has a very egyptian feel and library or Alexandria is popping out of my head.



Looking for a scan of my energy. Dealing with the aftetmath of the fire has me feeling out of wack.


Looks damage but it’s now restring, I get the feel that you need to to do some kind of energy healing


Hi all I’m new to all energy and magik as I cant summon or see or talk with any spirit yet could someone scan me and tell me anything they find about me r my energy or aura so I can learn what I might be good at


Hi👋🏽 Is anyone available to do a scan for me? I’m not able to trade though, sorry about that. Going through some stuff at the moment and would really appreciate it if someone could?


I’m not sure I understand. My energy is damaged but it’s now… what? Restringing? I’m confused.


Trade scan anyone?


Awesome read, man! I responded in PM.

For you I see the Arctic ocean at night. Dark water silently flows around a massive iceberg under the glow from a full moon. A wolf is on top of the iceberg and howls up at the glowing orb, but slips and grabs for the ledge, paws scratching at the ice only to drop silently into the sea. Soon there is no trace of it, and the icy dark water bobs along just like nothing ever happened. I get the feeling of a cold, nihilistic darkness, but a darkness with all-consuming depth and a kind of frozen beauty to it all the same.

I ask what does @Qayos need to know, and my vision changes to a man plunging down a long, dark vertical tunnel deep in the Earth. At first I think I see him being helplessly bashed as he falls against the rocky outgrowths on the wall, but then my perspective changes to that of the man’s and I see that instead of falling against his will, he has purposefully chosen to dive into the depths and is accelerating. He reaches maximum velocity and explodes through the bottom of the cave system into the center of the Earth, which explodes in a brilliant fireball of light and energy.

My interpretation of this is that you have chosen to plumb the dark depths, spiritual or otherwise, and as a consequence of this there is no way to stop your momentum. The only way out is through, but in the deepest of Hells there will be light. Lux in Tenebris! :black_heart:


Do u still want to trade scans?


@DarkestKnight, do u want to trade?


Hey, can we trade scans?


I am not in the headspace to trade at the moment, unfortunately… Still feeling out of wack from dealing with my house burning down, which is why I asked for a scan.


Ohhhh…I’m so sorry about that. Kinda picked that’s what u were talking about on a different post, but didn’t jump into conclusions. Sending u good vibes…:metal::heart:


@Akashiel, can we trade scans?


You know it. First, let me go put up my Doritos.


Ok. U 1st.




I hope this is accurate. It seemed off, but again, it’s what i heard. I heard u feel confused. Idk what about, u’re just confused. Entity around u, Azazel. He says u need to get things together. There was then this sound of a child/kid crying. Asked if it was safe. I got an answer that wasnt really clear.


I saw a magick triangle with a circle around it. The circle had words in another language so I couldn’t tell what it said. Then I saw a woman giving a man a blowjob and I got the idea of her being a succubus. Then the same woman sprouting demonic like wings from her back.

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