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i hear shadow work,looks repressed


as a represt dark girl diffcult to describe but like a humanbody dark with red eyes in a wave


How do I fix that? Hmm maybe a form of Lamashtu, I’m not entirely sure because I can’t think of any being with red eyes and the form of a dark girl that I’ve ever crossed paths with


maybe shadowwork?


What’s she want me to do and how do I do it?


she says find me and then will talk i am the shadow of your shadow


Oh my Lord! This is hard work sometimes haha


trust i do shadowtoo its a bit creepy at start but its really beneficial


What type of stuff is going to be learned through doing it? I thought I knew myself pretty well if it means delving into my shadow side, hmmm I wonder what surprises are in store for me. What do you want scanning? By the way just warning you, my scanning isn’t at the top of its game today


in my own expirience you will know more of yourself(masterkey in magick) and your own personal power

a general scan please


Can someone please do a scan for me?


Scan anyone please?


Oh yeah I understand that, I just always thought that delving into the side of your character you hide from society was called the shadow side. Sorry it’s late, I’ll give you your reading soon.

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Troll much?

Not everyone is here because they have trouble relating to and socializing with people close to them. Sure, maybe some are, but what does it bother you? And it could have nothing to do with desperation or a lack of self love as you are implying.

Reminds me of just the other day I was watching one of Frater Xavier’s videos on polarization, where he mentions those who ultimately succeed in depolarization will have a hard time relating to other people, because we live in a very polarized world. Doesn’t mean they are longing for someone to be close to, very well could be by choice.


Can I get a scan please? I did a ritual and j want to see how its working


Scan trade?


scan trade?


@onionknight i felt King in my internal dialogue, that was their regard for you. I feel a road at dark like a rumbling of a diesel engine making a young girl cum. Sorry for the soft porn. Soft woodsy smells dewy. Tranquil but that engine i feel is you. Hum…


Would anyone like to trade?