Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Can I get a scan? Its pretty important




Was the entity I just recently summoned my godform?

Mind describing him as well @FantomGirl


Scan swap anyone?


Yes, is the entity I evoked earlier my godform and would you mind describing him?

Anything specific for you? @OnionKnight


Give me a little bit and i will see what i get.


KK. I’ll start mine in a little.


Could someone scan my shoulder and hand chakras please?


@RylanL I see a female with brown hair. She had her palm out and a line that looks like a crack is going through her left palm chakra. Try energy healing. Fire might help.

@FantomGirl I see a tree on a hill half of it is fruitful the other half is charred, leafless and dead. Upon it is a swing set, with a girl in a white gown.


Whats energy healing? How do you do that? Shoulder chakras?


Using energy to heal as it implies. Look it up. Afaik, your shoulders are damaged too.

As for my request, was the entity I Evoked earlier my godform? Mind describing him


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t know nor do I know how to figure that out. Did you ask the entity? I also didn’t expect to have to return the favor so I couldn’t prepare. I will try to figure out how and then attempt to figure it out. Just give me a little bit, please.


Scans and swaps is the title.

Take your time I can wait.


How long? :pleading_face:


As much time as you need. So long as it gets done I can wait.


I wouldn’t guarantee this as your godform or what you say you saw. One never tried to figure out what someones godform looks like so another reason as to why I don’t think it is yours. Sorry to disappoint.

She and everything around her was white. Except for the symbol on her forehead. That’s what she looked like but you know more realistic. Sorry for the crappy drawing, I don’t draw.


I’m male haha, but you tried so its all good.


I thought that godforms don’t have to be the same gender as… (whats the word) their person. Well, you learn something new everyday.


Anybody up for a trade?


reason I say that is because ive confirmed that part just not all of it