Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Thanks, much appreciated mate


Yes that’s sound 4hrs time, whenever you can bud.


I could use a scan of anyone wants to partake!


Can I get a scan please


Your astral wings are purple but your aura is a lighter shade of purple than your wings. I see you wielding a ball of purple fire in each hand. This fire extends to your entire form and you look like a badass purple fire wielding being. I see you have yellow eyes and i also saw a dark energy within this purple energy. This energy is black in color and hides under the surface.


You have black wings and two black horns coming out of your head. Your hair is black and silky. You have red eyes and you are sticking your tongue out at me. You look like a goat freak (in a good way). But you were doing this for me in a joking manner.
You are connected fire and have darkness around you as well.


wanna trade


Sure @Mr.Vulture


Can someone scan me? I really be appreciate.


could I have a scan please??


I noticed your profile had runes on it while I was thinking of walking that path, so I want to thank you for that omen.

I’ll scan you shortly.


I fell asleep, one moment please.


I see a snake, it slithers on a wood floor. Now a woman appears and she plays with the snake and lets it coil around her arm.
Then another woman comes from behind her and touches her shoulder.
I get the sense that these two women are related in some way.

I see your aura as a dark purple-red color.


Are these goddesses? And are they related to death?

I apologise I’m in class so it’s hard to find breathing room to do this. I will get it to you.


@fantomgirl its night, its a full moon. the sky is a dark blue. amongst the dead trees, a grim reaper stands, change incoming.


I felt that they were goddesses. They had the feel of someone like lilith or Namaah.
Maybe related to death.


Thank you.
I am expecting change very soon so that is a good sign.


No one will scan me? :disappointed_relieved:


will anyone scan me please?


Do you work with Odin?