Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Anybody up for a Trade?


Sure @Florry
@Micah and @FantomGirl please return the read



Your energy is colored blue to purple and it Flares out kinda. You stand amongst a black background with stars about. I get the feel you are creating something unique an powerful.

I hear a voice,
“The Master and his sword become one. The Master releases the last tool he relied on by realizing he is indeed the Sword itself. He is his own sword and shield. He needs none other than he himself.”


I will.


Okay @Mr.Vulture and @FantomGirl will do asap, hopefully tonight. :wink:


You have red wings with a silky pinkish-purple aura.
Your eyes are blue and your chakras glow a warm vibrant energy.

But a dark male spirit approaches you from behind. He is Satan. He smiles at me and i nod, knowing that it was him.

“The river of blood may flow but those ties are not as strong. Break them and they become stronger.” My inner voice channeling.


Me? @aldoradawn

Or was that @OnionKnight?

Just don’t remember anything about it… I wouldn’t mind it, but still.


Okay, you liked my post, guess that was all then, sorry. :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:


Sorry for the misinterpretation.
If you want i would be up for a trade… I didn’t mean to cause offense.


None taken, just got mixed up for a sec, haha. You’re fine. No worries. Okay, I’m about to get ready for my other read and I’ll do yours after if you want? Cheers! :sunglasses:




Who’s they and break what?


Reference to those ties, in relation to breaking them.


I don’t quite understand the reading


I’ve moved since the last reading I got. Could anyone tell me if there are any entities in the room I’m at and describe them (name them if you know enough about them?)


Yeah, too many interruptions here and the vibes got lost I guess… maybe I’ll try again some other time. Sorry bout that.


Hello people, can someone do a scan for me please, would be much appreciated. Nice one


Will someone scan me please

Scanning newbies?

Later, after work, I’ll help you out, cool?


About 4 hours.