Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Anyone want to trade?


Can I get a scan?
I need to know if what I did actually happen?
If so, will it have results in the physical world or no


Im in.


Sure I’m game



1st try…

Btw your energy is Very acidic.
Tastes like Bacon grease and greasy spatulas :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
The fuck you work at? Whataburger? Krusty Krab :joy::joy:


Alright sounds good.




I saw a pendulum swing no… then to yes. was this done on the astral or what?


I see a winged Pegasus with dragon wings, flying around a cascading rainbow. which makes me think of the lgbtq. otherwise, personal peace. your aura is a light blue and bright pink


Scan Trade?


ill trade with you


Okay I’ll go first… @Mr.Vulture


@Mr.Vulture Apparently I wasn’t welcome… I don’t know why I was being blocked that never happens… But I could hear voices.
Speaking with me telepathically.
But after sitting within darkness for awhile I decided to be forceful and let out my being, so that I may scan your energies…
As I began to see images I see a desolate forest with a full blue moon at its peak.
You appear to be preforming a ritual with a ton of markings upon your body…
You strike your dagger into the ground and look up and the moon and start to chant in tongues…
I couldn’t see to much because as I said, for some reason I wasn’t welcome.


Physical using sheer will


ive only pulled that off a handful of times. if your energy is really similar to mine as I think, it may have a minor effect if it goes off, try using intention.




they said?



They told me I wasn’t welcome…
But trade? @Mr.Vulture


you feel feiry and dark… but familiar. have you been on here before?
I see a scared child in a dark forest amongst crows and the dead shrubbery. qlipothy feels.


Yes you have met me before… Im glad u could tell. And Iguess its time to finish being initiated into the qlipothy