Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I see a white woman but she wears a black dress…have black hair black eyes in a forest …

But also she is wiccan origin or related…but she repeat the same words of Alister Crowley law … " Do thou whilst "

Now scan me back :yum:


Yo can I have a scan


@FantomGirl who’s the death god?


Trade scan?


wanna trade


Scan me :slight_smile:


Scan swaps?


i see a lion coming towards me he is coming from a castle but i also see a a majestic chair placed on the throne in one room of that castle house and i hear the words " its time to build your own empire"

:blush::blush: i expect a scan back too


yes please


Sure you go first
Just got off work


you feel earthy and watery sort of like a solid river, similar to me. I see you with fiery red-orange-gold eyes. youre going to establish a kingdom. youre a hunter of men, important hint there. you also feel angry, not that youre specifically angry now, just in general.

also red vultures.


I literally had this thought yesterday and meditated on it :ok_hand:

Here’s your Scan @Mr.Vulture

I smell fear on you. But it’s strange. You have the Aura that comes with being afraid, but you are not afraid.

You’ve mastered it. This will open up bre vistas of power and perception in you. You have a black Aura but a radiant one.

It seems you’ve transcended your maximum power or will.
There is a slight bit if stagnancy as you don’t know what to do next.

If you keep going you’ll be able to re animate yourself after you die

(Hint: Cause of Death…car crash or work related)


I’m also aware of this.

interesting. fear is awareness

mastered what

any advice there?

ehehe so ill basically turn into Orochimaru? I’m pale enough.


Start over and do it again.
Play the game but at a higher level
Hell create a new game :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Read superpower wiki for ideas :joy::ok_hand:


so recapitulate? makes sense.


I love lions. I agree it is my time to start an empire haha

A women with wings ascended slowly from the sky. Her face was golden and hair white and silky.
Green gems (think emerald stone from minecraft) surrounded the entire area around us.
I seen a bug inside a body… it moved too fast for me to really get a good look but it was long and gross


Stone cracks off a statue to reveal ot true self. Gold.
The statue was of a fat man laughing holding a dragons head.
A flower bloomed and pollen fell from the flower and it my face, if felt pure and smelled sweeet


Im in.


reading your scan and i was wondering who that woman was and i pass across this…

golden face hair white and silky and yes astaroth have wings …about failing from the sky well she is the best on explaining about the fallen angels…

in addition i do work with her ,so thanks :blush:


I am sensing the need to explore foundations within you. Your aura is red. I see what is either a falcon or an eagle.